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FREEZE YOUR EGGS: Grocery Eggs That Is!

Covid-19 has changed all of our lives, and we are not out of the dark just yet. California is moving to have ZERO MOVEMENT for 2 weeks. Each state could potentially follow and that means no grocery shopping or curbside pick up. I wanted to share an easy trick to […]


What do You eat when you travel on a plane, nuts? How about if the flight is long, like across the United States for about 6-hours, nuts? Or, do you buy airport food and take that on board, knowing full well that there is way more salt in that food […]


The Best Shrimp Ramen soup is going to be in your bowl in less than 30-minutes! Go to the freezer and grab that container of Fish Stock I showed you how to make and freeze for busy days like today. In a snap, we are going to have one very […]


What?? Pizza Kabobs? Yep! Think, deconstructed and you’ve got yourself the perfect food for a casual gathering, indoors or out. Ever since my adult kids were little kids I found the easiest way to serve delicious, healthy (shhh), creative food was on a stick. Fruit salad on a stick. Sandwich […]


Bone Broth is not just for Soup! When prepared at home, it is loaded with many health benefits. It’s fine (if you must), to use store-bought bone broth to flavor cooking or for a quick base to make a soup or gravy, but it is not the same nutritious product […]


PICKY EATERS! Few two-people have the same taste in… well, Anything. Food is often a potential battle ground, particularly as we grow older; how we like our meat cooked, to eat meat or not to eat meat, seafood vs yucky fish, allergies, to sugar or not to sugar. Yet often, […]


If ever there was an Impressive and Easy way to serve vegetables with an elegant, special occasion dinner, Green Bean Bundles are it! The work is done a day or two in advance, set aside in the fridge, ready to pop into the oven just five minutes before the meal […]


Cranberries. One of the misunderstand fruits of winter. There is an underlining, often unspoken rule of recipe creating; sweet, sour, salty, acidic and textured things mixed together, make for the most remembered dishes. Add to that, health benefits, and you’ve got the perfect one bite wonder! Cranberries, being quite sour, […]


What would you say if I told you, you could have ‘naughty’ and healthy all at the same time… Yep! That’s exactly what I thought!! Deep, dark, rich, earthy, healthy antioxidant raw cacao, sweetened with dates and molasses , fattened up with almond flour and a few eggs to hold […]