About Robin Daumit – Artist And Visual Storyteller

About Robin Daumit – Artist And Visual Storyteller, CEO of a fascinating life, bringing inspiration to those of like mindedness and creative whimsy.

About Robin Daumit – Artist And Visual Storyteller
An Artist. A Visual Storyteller.

While I may feel as though I have never worked a day in my life; the reality is that life has unfolded as my adventure, all of which compensated me, whether monetarily, or as stepping stones in my journey.

I stepped into the driver’s seat of life, during the solo years as a single mother of four fascinating children. I learned to become a Jack-of-all-trades and a master at whatever I set my mind to. You name it, I’ve dabbled in it.

But Food? Food became the international language I learned to speak well. Food and the ambience that lures people to the table for a celebration in life’s stories, became my escape from the grown-up world. I came to understand that while life forces us into the responsibilities of an adult, the kitchen was where I knew I could always reclaim the playful heart of my youth.

Visual storytelling is something I have always done; be it with the food I prepare, the home I use as my stage for the effervescent people I will attract into my life, or the many ways I have been known to inspire others on their journey in life.

Storytelling, for me, began at the age of sixteen, behind the chair of a hair salon; the place I went on to spend the better part of my life, not only creating beauty on the outside, but being invited to observe that inner beauty of people, which makes us each unique.

This first-row seat to the theatre of life (let’s face it, we all tell our hairdresser everything), set the stage for the vast stories I infuse into the recipes I create, relying as much on a visual snap shot as I do the story and recipe itself.

I am not for everyone, but if you are one of those rare people that are inspired by my artistry and the stages I will whimsically set for you, then you must be a pretty fascinating person as well.

If so… Let me take you to all the places I love to go, because the best stories in life are always told at an inspiring table setting and over fabulous food!

Robin Daumit
Robin Daumit