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HodgePodge Times call for a confused mixture! This time of lockdown, at first, had me confused. A real mixed bag of emotions, but week-three, and I have adjusted what was normal, to a new normal. So, before I tell you why, could I interest you in the most delicious, accident […]


POPSICLES!!! Oh My Gosh I have newly discovered them! Growing up, there was nothing like an ice cold popsicle on a hot summer day. They made your lips freeze, your tongue turn colors (lots of dye:( and summer seem all the sweeter because of them. Then, the 21st century hit […]


If you know me, you know I am a late-in-life rookie gardener. This year I wanted to try my hand at an ‘Herb de Provence’ field, in an area the deer usually beat me to. It worked! I am so excited to see and smell the intoxicating aromas of lavender, […]


Healthy desserts, and healthy snacks that satisfy, are not easy to come by. Fruit and nuts, in any form, are often a good standby. Sometimes you want a little something creamy to satisfy that hankering for a piece of cheesecake, or ice cream. Ugh, health! These little Date Bites were […]


Every afternoon, throughout the summer, I find myself looking for something icy cold, with just a little kick of caffeine, and of course… healthy! These Almond Popsicles have become my summer afternoon treat. Lots of crushed almonds, a few dates to sweeten, (instead of sugar) a splash of espresso, and […]


Sometimes the end of the day just screams for cookies! Homemade, crunchy, healthy cookies!! Oh, you didn’t know cookies could be healthy? Well, these are. And they are the perfect resolve for a sweet tooth without the guilt of butter, sugar, or wheat flour. Yep! These cookies are gluten-free, dairy-free, […]


Healthy desserts. Is there really such a thing? Yes!! Dates are deliciously sweet, nuts are wonderfully healthy, and a splash of chocolate is always good for whatever ails you. This Mediterranean style dessert has been around a very, long time, and will soon become your new favorite dessert to keep […]


Who needs Valentines Day to enjoy Healthy Chocolate Hearts! Dates, Nuts, and Cacao are the only ingredients in these hearts. Dipping chocolate is the only ingredient that has a bit of sugar. Eat up and enjoy! INGREDIENTS Yields 2 – 3 dozen Dates – 2 cups, pitted Nuts – 2 […]


How does “Naturally Sweet Treats” sound to you! Can you imagine the deliciousness of a chocolate treat, without the addition of sugar? The star of this dessert is the chocolate, while the supporting actor for sweetness, is the dates. INGREDIENTS Yields 2 – 3 dozen Dates – 2 cups, pitted […]


The onset of summer stimulates the taste buds for lots of frozen desserts! A beautiful spring morning in a field of strawberries, a cool mist settled over the leaves, and reminded me of the crystals that form over the top of a frozen summer dessert. I knew exactly what dessert […]