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Light, healthy eating is what I am about all spring and summer long. This dish is one you will hunger for at least once a week! There are three components to this decadent flavorful and colorful dish: Beurre Blanc Seared Scallops Pea Pesto – Recipe here This recipe can accommodate […]


Ever been on Food Network? Well, I had to wait until I became a grandma before there was a slot just for me! Clash of the Grandmas. It was the most amazing fun, hardest work, and satisfying experience of my life. Now… I got the bug to do more! If […]


Ahhhh Fish! Light on the tummy, and full of protein. But sometimes its flavor is so mild that our brain doesn’t register – Full and Satisfied! Spring and summer is my favorite time to bake, grill, or fry fish of any kind and pile it high on top of my […]


Celebrating Love comes in many forms. And since true love first begins with yourself, let’s take a look at a very special evening I have planned for you to celebrate alone. In the movie, The Sound of Music, the lyrics to a song boast, “These are a few of my […]


  In the dead of winter, when the immune system screams for rebooting, or summer’s breezes, this is a dish your body is sure to thank you for. And under 30-minutes to prepare too! Swaps are always welcome, shrimp for scallops, mangos for pineapples, even rice instead of quinoa, but […]


Whole fish. While your fishmonger may lure your eyes to buy that big beautiful fish, the preparation may feel intimidating. Here is a perfect solution for buying that fish, and enjoying an easy, and impressive dinner. First? Ask your fishmonger to scale, and filet the fish, saving the head and […]


Brazil is as diverse a culinary country as America. From Italian, German, and Portuguese culinary influence, to Spanish and African. A few of the states in Brazil, Bahia and Pernambuco in particular, have the largest African culinary influence in the world, outside of Africa itself. The flavors are rich in […]


There is always something magical about the SEA! Treasures seem to magically lie within. SEAFOOD is my favorite treasure deep within the waters of an ocean, sea, or river. Sometimes they skim the top, while others love to lie deep within the mud. Nonetheless, they are all delicious! I have […]


A refreshing approach to meal time, using many things already in your fridge. A few sauces, and broth concoctions, and before you know it, you have a spread to satisfy every picky eater. NOODLES. Udon, Ramen, regular spaghetti, or a variety of gluten free noodles, will need to be cooked […]


  What’s not to love about a healthy stir fry! With briny seafood, hot chili cashews, crispy vegetables, and juicy fruits, I’d say we have ourselves the perfect Colorful meal! This dish is all about the color, health, and crunch. You can swap out any of the ingredients, because the […]