Success From Restriction

Success from times of restriction, should be taught at a young age. Restriction and Time-Out When I was a kid and restricted to my room for something naughty I had down, I took my ‘kick the can’ attitude with me and slammed the door. “What am I supposed to do, just sit here? Why does … Read more

Seed Life For Later

Life is always a process of planting seeds for later, metaphorically and figuratively. When Life Throws Us A Curve Ball What are YOU doing to keep your mind off the current life changes that zoomed in on our lives in 2020? Spring cleaning, for sure, came early in my house. I have organized, cleaned, and … Read more

DIY Healthy Airplane Food

Long distance travel and healthy food need at-home planning. Vegan stuffed grape leaves, with barley, lentils and lots of flavor, will hold up well without being chilled. Healthy Airplane Food? Not anymore! In my teens when I first began to travel, there were linens, real stainless tableware, beverages served in glass and many options for … Read more