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FOOD. The word alone makes us feel many things. Did you come from a family that celebrated its ethnicity through the food on your table? Were you raised in a home with a stay-at-home mom, dad or grand parent that made mealtime a special memory from your childhood? Was there […]


I simply love ethnic traditions and folklore, especially if it brings me Good Luck! This one is about feeding the birds in the dead of winter, particularly just before New Year’s Day, so they will gather good energy hidden in the secrets of nature, and bring them back to you […]


“Twas The Night Before Christmas”… The sweets are all dressed. The packages wrapped. The fire is burning the magic still untapped. The night will be long while Christmas will pass fast. Make a wish, give a kiss and let’s let these moments forever last! When I was in my twenties […]


Laughter is my cheapest anti-aging secret! No matter the season or circumstances life throws my way (and trust me, my life has been a tennis court!), I always find something to lighten my spirit and inspire a good hard laugh! Family and close friends who know me can vouch for […]


Every season has its redeeming qualities, some more than others. Winter tests my creativity more than the other seasons. Fireside anything is how I get through winter with a cheerful attitude! Yes, there have been times in my life when I did not live in a home that had a […]


Elegance and Fairy Tales don’t just happen. They are created in the mind of an artist and then shared with those of us that need a little magic in our lives. Such an artist as this deserves to celebrated. And so we did! This celebration was in honor of my […]


WATERMELON! What is the most sought after fruit of the summer? Of course, it’s Watermelon. Cold, juicy, sweet, refreshing and plentiful. While making my favorite summer salad one day, Watermelon Feta Salad, I wanted to something equally delicious with all the scrapes left over after I pressed whimsical shapes out […]


Since I was a young teen, I have made this bread every year for Easter. Why? TRADITION! Roasting whole lamb on an outside spit with groups of family willing to rotate basting, while laughing and drinking throughout the night. Red (only) eggs dyed with a concentrated powder as dark as […]

60 IS THE NEW 40!

Life zips by fast and suddenly you’re 60… It doesn’t have to be! Cooking, for me, is about more than just food. It’s about the people, the stories, the laughter that happen over a great plate of food, in alluring settings. While I have over 300 YouTube cooking videos (I […]


When I was a little girl, Christmas always felt so magical. But now as a mom, and a grandma, Christmas IS magical! As a little girl, I can remember feeling somewhat sad on Christmas day. Maybe it was the letdown that the sparkle of the month of December was, not […]