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60 IS THE NEW 40!

Life zips by fast and suddenly you’re 60… It doesn’t have to be! Cooking, for me, is about more than just food. It’s about the people, the stories, the laughter that happen over a great plate of food, in alluring settings. While I have over 300 YouTube cooking videos (I […]


When I was a little girl, Christmas always felt so magical. But now as a mom, and a grandma, Christmas IS magical! As a little girl, I can remember feeling somewhat sad on Christmas day. Maybe it was the letdown that the sparkle of the month of December was, not […]


My dream as a filmmaker and visual story teller is to entertain and inspire, everyday people. We capture our guests and audience with antics, our yummy food, and alluring tablescapes, and invite them to “Come sit, Eat, and Chat with us!” As cherished “Grandmas”, we offer ideas, wisdom, and encouragement […]


A picture is worth a thousand words. Really? How about a video!!!? Two years ago I began to play around with capturing, in photographs, something I have always been good at: Cooking. Then, with prompting from my techie kids, I began to dabble with video, editing, stage props, sound, lighting, […]


When I was a little girl, we were poor. Dirt poor. My three sisters and I began our lives in a three-room shanty shack along the east coast of a tiny Maryland village. Looking out from our living room window was the ever-present vision of life on the other side; […]


The art of dining. While the food is what brings us to the table, the visuals and conversations are what will be remembered most. Two reasons why: Each person will notice something very unique, about the spread that is a reflection of their taste, style, and personality. Eye candy, at […]


The second day of spring and 10 more hours of snow. A heap of overripe bananas. I see lots and lots of Banana Muffins happening here today! No better way to heat up the house than with kitchen heat. Crack open the window to listen to that magical silence that […]


Our world is so diverse now, that we could transport ourselves anywhere we want to be, simply by changing our surroundings, right there in our very own homes. Décor, clothing, music, even the food we cook and how we set the stage to serve it. As a woman in my […]


Celebrating Love comes in many forms. And since true love first begins with yourself, let’s take a look at a very special evening I have planned for you to celebrate alone. In the movie, The Sound of Music, the lyrics to a song boast, “These are a few of my […]


Valentine Dinner. Do you really want to go out to a busy restaurant? Surely the servers would rather be elsewhere? You are creative. Surely with a little help and a few ideas, you could create an amazing situation for an evening to celebrate, right there in your own home, whether […]