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Easter of 2020 I was a Brat! I let this damn Covid-19 rob me of a beautiful day. First time IN MY LIFE I wore Black on Easter Sunday. NOPE! No more ‘kick-the-can’ attitude for me! Today I took a long drive to where I grew up. Remembered so many […]


Since I was a young teen, I have made this bread every year for Easter. Why? TRADITION! Roasting whole lamb on an outside spit with groups of family willing to rotate basting, while laughing and drinking throughout the night. Red (only) eggs dyed with a concentrated powder as dark as […]


Our obsession with eggs is an old one. Is it because they symbolize new life, or is it simply because they are healthy, delicious, and beautiful? The list of dishes that use eggs, feature eggs, or simply showcase eggs would be too numerous to collect. But suffice it to say, […]