I simply love ethnic traditions and folklore, especially if it brings me Good Luck! This one is about feeding the birds in the dead of winter, particularly just before New Year’s Day, so they will gather good energy hidden in the secrets of nature, and bring them back to you all year long. I like that!!


I received my canvas pouch and story about this Scandinavian Tradition on Christmas morn, and so before further ado, I went right outside and sprinkled the seeds across my balcony railing. As I sprinkled, I whispered into the quiet of the cold morning air, my wishes for this New Year.

Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 4.41.21 PM

Though I have bird feeders around and about my property, it has been rather quiet and sparse, here in December, of birds. Feeders have emptied slowly. But, I did what the tradition suggested and got on with my day.

By nightfall, all the seeds I scattered, were gone. Hmm. I didn’t see squirrels on the deck and it wasn’t windy, so I will assume the quiet, secretive birds that remained here in the winter, discovered my offerings and had a hearty meal. Maybe it is, in fact, it is the quiet secretive ones, rather than the loud, boisterous, flamboyant ones, that will stir up the magic of the universe to blow the wind with my wishes, back my way. I like this gentle spirited tradition!


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