“Twas The Night Before Christmas”… The sweets are all dressed. The packages wrapped, now I wait for the rest.


The Unwrapping Of Christmas

The fire is burning the magic still untapped. The night will be long while we await Christmas to unwrap.  

Make a wish, give a kiss let these moments linger; it will pass as quick as the snap of a finger. 

Once A Single Mom, Now A Grandma

When I was in my twenties and just starting my own family, this time of year was crazy hectic though magical. 

What made it magical for me was the twinkle in the eyes of my children and the excitement they felt as Christmas drew near. It rekindled that little girl in me of long ago.


Now they are all grown with loved ones of their own and I find that nothing has changed. The twinkle is still in the eyes of my children and now their children. 

The excitement as Christmas draws near, is shared among all my children and their cousins as they whisper and plan what to buy or what to cook or what to wear or how they will decorate their own homes, and lavish their own tables with many of the goodies I once cooked for them.

My home feels quiet this Christmas Eve Morning, void of the chaos and buzz of family, but… just wait! In just a few hours they will arrive, we will hug, kiss, laugh, eat, share stories, open gifts, play a few silly games, and before the evening sets, they will be off to their own homes to prepare cookies for Santa. 


When Fruit Bears Fruit

The finishing touches on the magic they have created for their little families, is what matters now. Tomorrow we will all… and by all I mean, lots and lots of us will gather again, make lots of noise and mess, eat way too many seasonal favorites, pop many corks, listen to giggles, and make the clock cease to tick, if only for a few hours, once a year, on this beautiful family celebration.

The joy of being a grandmother in all this chaos and buzz? For me, it is truly watching the multitude of seeds I planted in the lives of my children, grow and bear fruit. Traditions passed on, new ones created. 


Celestial Help

Watching the genuine joy my four children have in sharing their love with each other and their loved ones. My work was often overwhelming and done alone, but I can sit back now and know that it was never alone. 

There was always the force, power and love of the universe right by my side, as it will be with my beautiful family, long after I am gone.

Christmas Magic fills the air and the heart of this grandma. May your tale be just as love filled as is mine…

From My Home To You!
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