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Do you want to know how exciting Press Interviews are? A chance to tell your story, to sprinkle a little excitement into our daily lives, that’s how exciting they are!

The Great American Recipe - PBS
The Great American Recipe – PBS

The Great American Recipe – PBS

Great American Recipe, with PBS, sprinkled lots of excitement into my life last year when I was asked to be a contestant on their new series. 

Excitement continued to abound this year as the show has aired and has been embraced nationally. 

The Judges and Me
The Judges and Me

Press Interviews

Press interviews were offered to each of us contestants as the program began to draw a large crowd of viewers. Public interest began to swell and folks wanted to know who we are. 

Speaking with journalists and interviewers, from various platforms of news and media, can be daunting for some. Not me! 

Having spent 30 years as a hairdresser, the ability to engage people in a personal and meaningful way became something I loved to do. 

Elaborating on questions, asked of me, gave me a rare opportunity to reveal various other aspects of myself, besides cooking. 

On the pages of this public domain, I am honored and proud to gather these interviews here and share them with you. Or… maybe, just for me to come back to read, from time to time, and smile. 

Next Avenue – PBS Interview

Next Avenue is a digital platform launched by PBS that offers original and aggregated journalism aimed at baby boomers. 

A brilliant approach to inspiring the world at large, from those of us that have lived long enough to gather wisdom, experience and panache! 

I was honored for the opportunity to be interviewed by the young and yet already acclaimed Sabrina Crews. 

In Sabrina’s time with PBS so far, she’s interviewed and profiled notable public media personalities like Rick Steves, Ken Burns and iconic Sesame Street puppeteer Fran Brill. And now, she would be interviewing me? Talk about goosebumps!

The Staying Power Of PBS Food Shows
The Staying Power Of PBS Food Shows

Having my photo and interview fused together in the same article with remembrances of Julia Child and the magic of French cooking she brought into the homes of Americans through PBS, for me, was one of those ‘signs’ we look for in life. 

You know… ‘meant to be’ kind of signs. Why? While winning The Great American Recipe competition would be a great honor, truth be told, I have a greater star I am reaching for. I want and feel ready for my own show. Thank you PBS for placing your iconic photo of Julia Child along with mine!

MPT – Maryland Public Television

Maryland Public Television comprises of 6 stations that broadcast throughout Maryland as well as into DC, parts of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. MPT is a division of PBS.

MPT posted an introduction to ‘Maryland’s Own Robin Daumit’ on their Facebook page and the same link can be seen here on YouTube if you are not on Facebook. 

The Great American Recipe - MPT
The Great American Recipe – MPT

Edible DC – PBS Interview

“EDC sat down with Robin Daumit to find what it’s like to compete on a food reality TV show”. By Susan Able l Edible DC

From the moment Susan Able stepped into my home, we just clicked! Two foodies going at it! 

I made a fun whimsical spread of Blueberry Scones, Cucumber Tea Sandwiches and Butterfly Pea Tea, girlie style. Had a little gift bag of more scones for her to take home. 

The interview was so much fun and can be read in its entirety Here!

Interview With Edible DC
Interview With Edible DC

Capital Gazette

The Capital - Front Cover
The Capital – Front Cover

Annapolis Maryland is my hometown. It’s a boating town, Navy town, a seafood town and since I was a kid Annapolis has always been a multicultural town.

It was my honor to bring the pride of national recognition, through the passion I have always had for visual storytelling, to my hometown.

My food and lifestyle was uniquely shared throughout this 8 Episode PBS program.

Capital Gazette - Online Article
Capital Gazette – Online Article

Capital Gazette Online Article.


A fabulous interview with Dara Bunjon of The Food Enthusiast for JMORE Living, which covered a vast array of stories about me and my life. Dara is engaging, interesting and well versed on so many topics that we have made a lunch date to chat about so many topics!


A quick run up to Baltimore with my cookbooks, lots of prepared goodies and stories to share with the Maryland viewers on WBFF FOX 45, about the PBS show and all the other things I am involved in. Thank you Baltimore!

FOX45 News Segment
FOX45 News Segment

More Interviews

While this is the first season of The Great American Recipe on PBS, I am hopeful there will be more in the future. 

As I said in one of my first Interviews With PBS, on set, while filming The Great American Recipe, winning might provide me with a voice. I have so many more stories to tell and I am hopeful for More!

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