Dreams Are Like Seeds – A Pandemic Story

What if dreams were like seeds; we could plant them, nourish them, then watch them grow?

The Universe Pressed Pause

What if, the Universe pressed pause to give us something… What if, we were given a weird gift of time, time to gather our dreams, with time to plant them…

No, this is really not about gardening, it is about YOU, us, with a hidden message in this story. Yes, times are strange right now, difficult, even painful for many.

I’ve learned though; sometimes when adversity forces us to sit on a stoop and do nothing, is when we actually think our greatest thoughts and plan our best dreams.

Me Time

I went into my greenhouse the other day to do something constructive thinking. Dressed in yard work-scruffy cloths, my mind began to race.

In my life, when my mind speaks to me, I have learned to switch on a piece of recording equipment and talk out loud.

Maybe to some that sounds kookie, but for me, I call it ‘storytelling’. An inner voice speaks, and I have learned to listen.

So, dirty, scruffy, unplanned, always with my phone nearby, I pressed ‘video record’ and there, ya have it! 


In my life, I was one of those weird kids that was born with a rebellious streak. My poor mother… Rebel? Not necessarily in a bad way, just in a ‘I want to do things my way’ kind of rebel.

Sure we all think we want to do things our way but we soon discover the responsibility that comes with doing things our way.

We first have to discover what that way is and then we have to learn how to do all that it requires. For me, that often meant I was determined to learn how to do anything and everything I didn’t know how to do.

If you can do everything, then you have no one telling you what to do. Hah! Right. 


Well, I am much older now. A bit wiser too, but I still have that light bulb on in my brain that says you can do anything you set your mind to.

I suppose, they are called ‘dreams’.

And so, when I stepped into my greenhouse at the onset of the pandemic of 2020; feeling totally out of control of my life, as we all did, something happened.

I looked at all the empty pots I had sitting in there from last summer. Bags of dirt waiting for yet another planting season, and lots of seeds, some I even extracted from plants I grew the year before.

It was early March. No one was going anywhere, not even to the grocery store. I was confined, like a naughty child sent to their room to think about what I had done. What would I do? What could I do?

Plant Dreams

I sat in that greenhouse a good long time and I thought. What dreams do I still have that haven’t been obtained yet?

What magic would I be able to create in my little life? As I thought, I prepared pots of dirt and with each seed, I thought of something I want to do, or see… or be.

I would water the seeds, tend to them as they grew. I needed to do the same for my dreams. 

Dreams Are Like Seeds

How about you? In the time of lockdown and restriction, did you take some time to think? Dream?

As the spring arrived, and seeds sprouted into tiny plants, which got moved outside when it was safe to put them there, I too spent time writing down my dreams… like seeds.

I planned a story I have always wanted to tell, but never stayed with it long enough to write it down.

Pandemic Story

During lockdown, I did. I even took some online courses to learn script writing, very different than book writing.

My story first went down on notebook paper with many pens. As the sun invited me to sit outside, so too did my notebook.

Before long I had filled four notebooks. It was time to put them into digital format, then script format. The story is coming to life, just as the seeds did. 

Spring and summer growing season has just about come to an end, but my script… it is next up in my life to blossom and come alive.

I Planted The Seeds Of My Dreams

I did it. I planted seeds of dreams I have stored in my heart for many years, and now I can see them actually becoming film material, a story for all to see. Not just my mind’s eye. 

Plant your dreams, just like seeds. Let them take root, and see where they might go. This was the message I told myself before spring arrived.

Now that chill is in the air and Autumn is dotting the landscape with its final colors before winter, it’s time to see what I planted and how it might grow. Could this be a  message for you perhaps?

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