Who’s Your Daddy?


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Often times, it doesn’t invoke good feelings. Sorry. Sad, but true for many. But… Here’s the good news, WE CAN CHANGE THAT!

If you were one of the lucky ones to have a fabulous, present, loving father that made you all the beautiful things you are now… the world needs to hear your story and learn from your joy.

But here is also a bit of joyful news, us mama’s, us often times single mama’s… we can raise the most amazing sons to become fathers that invoke all the beautiful things we may have missed in our own childhood!

I was a single mom of four beautiful children for all but eight years of their growing up. So what did I do? I raised my three sons to have all the beautiful qualities I observed and respected in other men, and fathers. Turns out… it worked! Two of my three sons are now the most AMAZING, totally involved daddies any family could ask for. Tender hearted, maybe a bit too much. In the most difficult of circumstances they have placed their children first. If I come off as a boasting mom, trust me… I am. I couldn’t be more proud of them.


Teaching your children to love and know how to do things that are special to you, opens so many doors of sharing life, not only with them, but they will pass those things on in later years, therefore YOU, live on through them! It’s call LAGACY!

My own father, though my sisters and I were a product of a divorced home, sacrificed many things that could have been dreams he himself could have chased after, to be around for us girls.


Many things have changed since those years. More dads have embraced their fatherhood in real meaningful ways. Some have become stay-at-home-dads so mommy can pursue a career. Some, even, became the primary parent being granted primary custody to raise children when a divorce is inevitable. Regardless the divers circumstances in life, lets make it a priority as parents to RAISE AMAZING DADS!

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