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Dining at home is my favorite way to celebrate a great meal with friends and family! Decadent appetizers are a fabulous way to start the evening. The blini (mini crepes), will keep for several days in the fridge, which makes assembling these little beauties minutes before serving, all the  more […]


Take a cozy nook in your home and turn it into a Valentine Date Night! While dining out might sound like a good idea on this night, consider the possibilities if you were to create something new and different right there in your own home, with a simple meal, conversation […]


GATHERINGS This is a moment in our busy lives, to breath in beauty and exhale gratitude. While the video I have prepared for you best depicts our family celebration, I wanted to also include two of my favorite recipes for you to try any time this year! –        TURKEY STUFFED […]


Life can get so busy that we forget to take the time to stop the clock, gather with those we love and enjoy, and create memorable moments to cherish during those rat race times of life. This blog post is about just such a weekend as this. SISTERS WEEKEND! My […]