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DAD. Often times, it doesn’t invoke good feelings. Sorry. Sad, but true for many. But… Here’s the good news, WE CAN CHANGE THAT! If you were one of the lucky ones to have a fabulous, present, loving father that made you all the beautiful things you are now… the world […]


Motion Picture. Theater. Storytelling. Drama. Laughter. Fashion. Music. Entertainment. Many years ago, these 2 artsy brothers entered my life. Through and with them I developed my first appreciation for all the above. Though I was a hairdresser at the time, transforming runway models, politicians, and everyday people in DC, I […]


Elegance and Fairy Tales don’t just happen. They are created in the mind of an artist and then shared with those of us that need a little magic in our lives. Such an artist as this deserves to celebrated. And so we did! This celebration was in honor of my […]