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There is nothing more fun nor fickle than TV! The time, money and talent that goes into producing a show, even one episode of a show, is something none of us viewers could wrap our heads around. This story, a Food Network competition 2 of my children and I competed […]


Since I was a young teen, I have made this bread every year for Easter. Why? TRADITION! Roasting whole lamb on an outside spit with groups of family willing to rotate basting, while laughing and drinking throughout the night. Red (only) eggs dyed with a concentrated powder as dark as […]


Homemade Yogurt. Have you ever made it? Since I was a little girl we made yogurt at home, no fancy pots, or kits. A simple, old-fashioned, tried and true procedure that made beautifully thick yogurt ever time, until about 10 years ago. The trick to making yogurt is to have […]


There is no other cut of meat that quite compares to RIBS! Seared on high heat until they crackle and send an intoxicating aroma through out the house, or outside by the grill. The fat that is woven throughout the meat and bones, not only flavors the meat but helps […]


  Did you know that nearly every cuisine around the world has some type of meatball? Well, in Syria and Lebanon the traditional meatball is KIBBEH.  The common thread between most meatballs is that they have some sort of  grain, or filler in them. What I love about Kibbeh is […]


Pomegranate Molasses has a special way of creating a sweet and sour taste to food. I particularly enjoy the integration of flavors from a well-known Persian dish (Fesenjan), that I have tweaked to satisfy my own taste desires: Chicken with a Facelift!  The crushed walnuts are what create a lovely […]


The world, it seems, knows all about Hummus. In fact, the original recipe has been changed so much that I barely recognize it. But Baba Ghanoush? Well, that is a different story! Hummus has always been a simple mix of Chick Peas and Tahini. In today’s grocery stores and markets, […]


Growing up in a Syrian American home, we often made Stuffed Grape Leaves with rice and ground lamb. The rice and lamb was uncooked, and so the stuffed grape leaves simmered in a pot of broth for an hour until all the ingredients cooked and all the luscious flavors married. […]


  This sweet, sour, tangy flavored syrup is the basis for many sauces, dressings, and drinks. It is too easy not to make at home, and will store for nearly one month in the fridge. Many store bought brands are easy to find, and taste quite good, but I prefer […]


  (Bastila B’Stilla or Pastilla)  Sometimes, you just have to make something exotic with everyday, ordinary ingredients. THAT is what Bastilla is! Most often known to be a dish from Morocco, it is said to be prepared in Egypt as well, though its origin is actually from Andalusia, hence the […]