Elegance and Fairytales don’t just happen. They are created in the mind of an artist and then shared with those of us that need a little magic in our lives.

Such an artist as this deserves to celebrated. And so we did!

Lifestyles We Remember

Doran and Ken Upton

This celebration was in honor of my brother in law who has been a lifestyle aficionado for over 50 years.

He set a precedence in our family and for all who dined at his table, as to how one ought to present themselves to the world, no matter who the onlookers might be.

Crystal, china, starched linens and floral arrangements always adorned the table, no matter how young the little ones in the family might be.

Upton’s Home

Dining Aficionado

Work ethics were taught to each of our children, when they were probably too young to contribute to the work and preparation of an event.

The things they learned in those early years were built upon as they each grew up and went out into the world to discover their own talents.

As the children of our families have established themselves, married and some with children of their own, a family gathering continues to be as it always has.

Lifestyle Of A Family

My family has learned the art of throwing the most spectacular celebrations, one ever attends at any given time in their life.

All of the adult children cook, entertain and do so with panache. The little ones have already begun to express interest in cooking, photographing, or preparing a table for dining.

Is all of this really important? Does it make food taste any better or an evening any more memorable?

Your dang right it does! And so, on this lovely evening, at the end of summer, a celebration was planned as a surprise to honor and express gratitude to the artist and patriarch in our family.

He has become, and will leave behind, a beautiful legacy that will be celebrated for many generations to come.

Make Every Meal Memorable
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