Lavender Garden For Kitchen Home And Health

My Lavender Garden What’s not to love about this intensely aromatic, versatile, and bee loving plant! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined to be successful at growing this beautiful plant, but I tried my hand at it, well actually went overboard with twenty-four plants my first go-round, and all but two have … Read more

Easy Sew Masks: No Pattern Needed

Easy sew masks, for these weird pandemic times, need no pattern. Masks MASKS. We’re all going to need them, so I am making masks. I’ve been sewing since I was twelve-years old. Usually I sew fashion, cloths, wedding gowns, or even silk draperies, something I love having in my home. But this is most important now. … Read more

Write Your Story – Book Script Or Screenplay

When the pandemic hit, I decided it was the perfect time to write by story, book, script or screenplay! Tell Your Story COVID-19 TIME-PASSING SURVIVAL. There has never been a better time in our lives than now, to tell our story. It is said that everyone is good for at least one book, so why … Read more