Color Your Own Hair From A Professional

As a professional hairdresser of forty-years I can help you color your own hair when times don’t allow for a visit to your salon.

Color Your Own Hair

Things have become REAL, in 2020 and I know dang well your roots are starting to show! What do you plan to do? It is vital that we all do our part to stay well, and contribute to other people’s wellness. So while going somewhere to have your hair done anytime in the near future, may not be an option for you; we can do this together!

“Isn’t mental health a part of wellness too”, you might ask? It most certainly is, and looking in the mirror, only to see things we know can be fixed, is absolutely a vital part of mental health.

We first addressed the food and TP issues when 2020 first knocked the wind out of us. We managed it because it was our ‘phase 1’ of survival. But then fast behind those essentials, we became confronted with ‘phase 2’ which begins to touch on areas that affect our mental health, such as:

  • Making yourself look as best you can each day, (ie, get the heck out of your pj’s!), if not for the FaceTime visits you should be having each day with loved ones, but certainly for yourself
  • Self-love is that state of mind we each must develop if we are to tune into our instincts to know what our body and mind are in need of
  • The body needs exercise, of any kind (walk up and down stairs if that is all you have), it needs clean and simple food, and it needs plenty hydration, all of which contribute to solid mental health
  • The mind needs some sense of purpose during the months ahead, purpose that engages it in what-ever way that takes your mind off the current situation and maybe, just maybe, creates and tackles projects you normally never have the time for

Mental health project up first? Learn to color your own hair! I can’t think of anything that will boost your sense of self esteem faster than to look in the mirror and love what you see.

Professional Hairdresser

After 40-years a hairdresser, I am confident that with a little instruction as to what to use and how to use it, you can do a touchup job on yourself. When you can return to your hair salon, think how much more you will appreciate them.

And think about it; what’s the worst thing that could happen, a different color than you usually have? Still better than inches of dull, perhaps grey roots that make you feel depressed.

Selecting A Hair Color

I would suggest first, that you contact your hairdresser (if possible), and ask for the color shade they use. No, you will not be doing highlights. We just need to address roots right now. If things get really bad and we are in lockdown until Independence Day, we might need to have another chat. But for now, get a color number from your hairdresser.

Nearly every hair color brand, professional or store bought boxed kits, use much the same number system.

Number 1 is black, while 7, 8, and 9 fall into the lighter hues. Then there is ash, neutral, or gold tones. Most brands will give you the first number as the hue, and a second number or letter behind it, as the tone. For instance, 8:N is light blond-neutral, while 8:G is gold and 8:A is light blond-ash, or 5:N is a medium neutral brown, while 5:CB is a medium copper brown. (Some charts below)

Igora - Schwarzkopf color chart
Wella color chart
Clairol color chart

Preparing To Apply Hair Color

Once you have purchased the color, and hopefully you went with a boxed kit with all the items needed in the box, you are ready to section your hair.

Get yourself set up with a few mirrors in a room with good lighting, make sure you have gloves on, and apply your color.

Schwarzkopf Keratin color kit
Sectioning the hair to apply color.

Once sectioned, start at the top and front of your hair. If you are using dark colors, it is wise to put a little cream or oil on your face, around your hairline so clean-up is easier.

In each section, slide a pointed rattail comb, or pointed applicator bottle across the section, lifting 1/4 inch sections at a time. Continue until you have covered every inch of your scalp, applying the color only as far down as needed to cover the new growth.

For those of you who want to try a little something above and beyond, purchase two colors. One, a little lighter for the top and around the face, and a shade darker for the crown and back. Use the same section procedure as above, applying the lighter on top first and the darker from crown to bottom last. Darker takes color faster than lighter colors.

Cover with a processing cap/shower cap (to keep heat in), and wait for the suggested time, usually 35-45 minutes. Darker colors are faster than lighter colors, that need time to lift/lighten. Shampoo well, condition and you are done! Aren’t you proud of yourself!!

For those of you that prefer to use a more natural product, my sister found one she loves, and the coverage was beautiful. Here is the link to this product: Herbaceuticals.

For those of you preferring to use a permanent hair color product, as close to a professional, my first suggestion is Schwarzkopf, which can be found on Amazon.

Schwarzkopf box color easily found on Amazon

Here To Help!

If you have questions and are not able to contact your hairdresser, I am happy to help you in anyway I am able. Please feel free to drop me a message and I will get back with you.

If, you are daring enough to want to tackle some highlights with a bleach product, drop me a note as well and I will try to walk you through.

My daughter grew up sitting in mommy’s beauty salon, and yes she learned by watching everything from cut to color. Now she is on lockdown, alone, far from mommy and hiding her roots from the world, as many of us are.

Maryland Cosmetology License
Still A Licensed Hairdresser

So… though it has been 15-years since I retired from hair and went into Food and Film, I still keep my license current so I am able to purchase professional products for my family. I sent a care package to my girl (the most difficult color work to do), and she NAILED it!!

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