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LAVENDER. What’s not to love about this intensely aromatic, versatile, and bee loving plant! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined to be successful at growing this beautiful plant, but I tried my hand at it, well actually went overboard with twenty-four plants my first go-round, and all […]


Come join my sister and me as we experiment with our first time to be together since Covid-19 arrived. We are planning to enjoy Tea and Blueberry Scones on the veranda… 12 feet apart. I will have prepared everything with mask and gloves on. Will be mindful of easy to […]


Quail eggs are so darn cute! They are the perfect size for so many dishes that would not work for a chicken egg. However, on this day of dabbling with quail eggs, it was the marbleized shell that caught my attention. And so, I decided to try to create something […]