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Homemade Yogurt. Have you ever made it? Since I was a little girl we made yogurt at home, no fancy pots, or kits. A simple, old-fashioned, tried and true procedure that made beautifully thick yogurt ever time, until about 10 years ago. The trick to making yogurt is to have […]


Winter colds. Spring Allergies. Throat in need of relief? Got just the thing for you! There are lots of reasons our throat feels out-of-sorts, and homemade remedies are far more effective than anything you can buy.┬áThis soothing throat tonic will last 2 weeks in the fridge and be ready to […]


Do you or a loved one have the flu? Do you have tummy troubles from flu season? Or perhaps too much party time last night, i.e. HUNGOVER? THIS remedy is for you! Why do I know this? Because I have been around a long time. An ole Irish pediatrician once […]