Post Ranch Inn Lunch: Stop Time And Breathe

Where should we eat?

Where do you take your son for lunch when he is a killer chef, at the top of his game in his culinary career? Well, of course, you jump on a plane, leave the east coast and head for the west coast, rent a car, drive up the breathtaking Pacific Coast Highway, up the mountain to Big Sur, park, and walk the serene floral lined, wooden pathway, up to the contemporary glass and wood architectural structure, set high on a rugged cliff, overlooking the majestic Pacific coast; teasing it’s guests into believing they are the only visitors dining in this little slice of heaven, here on earth!

Our reservations had been made a month in advance, as we were advised that no one enters the property without prior planning. We arrived a few moments early and barely spoke a word as we became enveloped by the awesome nature that welcomed us.

As the first guests to arrive, we were given the most exceptional table, the only table that jutted out, right over the edge of the cliff. It truly felt as though we were the only two guests, dining.

I could attempt to write a description of the lunch we had that day, but my words would not do justice, so instead I have captured, through visual storytelling (video above), the most perfect afternoon, divine meal, and memorable day spent with my beautiful son, only weeks before Covid-19 hit our world and changed America as we knew it. So grateful for the memories this video captured and can’t wait to return to a life that will be filled with travel, family, food and gatherings.

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