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FREEZE YOUR EGGS: Grocery Eggs That Is!

Covid-19 has changed all of our lives, and we are not out of the dark just yet. California is moving to have ZERO MOVEMENT for 2 weeks. Each state could potentially follow and that means no grocery shopping or curbside pick up. I wanted to share an easy trick to […]


COVID-19 TIME-PASSING SURVIVAL. There has never been a better time in our lives than now, to tell our story. It is said that everyone is good for at least one book, so why not now? Write it. Film it. Talk into a recorder daily and get YOUR story saved somewhere […]


Emptied the produce section of your grocery store, did you? Citrus is easily available year round, but what about a few weeks from now? Strange times call for clever solutions! None of us really know quite what to do with this new virus we are all forced to live with […]


DON’T put those popsicle makers away yet! Cold, Flu and Allergy season is here, which makes this the perfect time of year to make something icy cold to relieve a dry, scratchy, sore throat. I created this recipe because my own throat was feeling miserable. I can’t express how comforting […]


Have you caught it yet? Hope not, but if you have or when you do you will want this hot soup created just for cold and flu season ( though yummy any time!). Let’s make this and get you feeling better fast! Turkey (not chicken since chicken messes with antigens). […]


Do you have a cold already? The flu? REALLY! We haven’t even put our flip flops away yet!! I have one word for you: HYDRATE. I have lots of words for that cold. We each have our little remedies and potions to deal with cold and flu season, but the most […]