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Traditional American Dessert? Most would think of Apple Pie. Traditional Middle Eastern/Greek Dessert? Most would think of Baklava/Baklawa. So, why not combine both fabulous desserts into one! Apple Baklava, or Baklawa as I would prefer since I am of Syrian heritage, but most people only know of Baklava, so… Apple […]


My niece, Lauren Upton, prepared this table. It’s her birthday party. Turning 29 on the 29th of the last days of 2019. She chose the theme for her birthday party, Middle Eastern. Why? because we are a proud remnant family of Safita Syria and everything we do and cook, when […]


Ever been on Food Network? Well, I had to wait until I became a grandma before there was a slot just for me! Clash of the Grandmas. It was the most amazing fun, hardest work, and satisfying experience of my life. Now… I got the bug to do more! If […]


While soups and sandwiches make for traditional Thanksgiving leftovers, this Mac & Cheese Turkey Roll will fast replace the old tradition! Thanksgiving in a Bite, is what you are sure to say, as all the flavors of sage and onions, celery and roasted turkey are encased in a buttery crunchy […]


  Food is the most delicious way I know to keep family traditions alive, and Baklava is our family’s most favored traditional dessert. I grew up in a Syrian/American home, and have been cooking since I could stand on a chair to knead bread. I have a large foodie family. […]


Sometimes, chicken just needs to get all dressed up and look fancy! This Moroccan Chicken Roll recipe takes the underrated chicken, and elevates it to a whole new level. Using the breast meat of a cooked whole chicken, (as seen in our Chicken 3 Ways) recipe or simply purchase breast of chicken, […]


Arabic pastries are about the healthiest sweets you will ever eat! Nuts, honey, dried fruits encased in a crunchy golden pastry shell as thin as paper. Yum! A variety of ingredients can be used, and a variety of ways to assemble, but in the end they are always inviting. Ingredients makes […]


I suppose I always thought of Mac & Cheese as a kids dish, after all, that is what my kids often requested. But, when Food Network’s Clash of the Grandmas challenged me to create something unique and hand-held with “Mac and Cheese”, I thought, ‘adult, my Mediterranean roots, and Maryland, where I […]


  (Bastila B’Stilla or Pastilla)  Sometimes, you just have to make something exotic with everyday, ordinary ingredients. THAT is what Bastilla is! Most often known to be a dish from Morocco, it is said to be prepared in Egypt as well, though its origin is actually from Andalusia, hence the […]