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Salmon is my most favorite fish. It is fatty enough to have lots of flavor, dense enough not to fall apart when cooking and can be prepared a gazillion ways! Throughout the summer months I grow many veggies in my garden for a salad and so searing a lightly crusted […]


Apple Cider is not just for the autumn. Its crisp, tart flavor lends itself to many other options. For example, I love to use a chilled splash of apple cider in my pie crusts, in place of water. Or, add it to a simmering pot of pork ribs. But on […]


Ever peel off a huge leaf of cabbage and imagine using it as a bowl? It’s almost whimsical looking. This quick and refreshing salad was created simply to turn these lovely cabbage leaves into a bowl! Enjoy as a side dish, or toss a little cooked shrimp or meat into […]


  Apple pies are a fabulous way to indulge in the autumn season, but apple cakes… especially when they taste like caramel apples covered in nuts and salt? Well THAT is a delight reserved only for autumn!  These little cakes are more “appley than they are cakey” and the caramel […]


  Apples are such a delightful asset to autumn! So many recipes rummage around in my taste buds, but for a little something special, and unique, I am going to create APPLE WELLINGTON! Using Our Homemade Crust, or any favorite pie crust, or store bought, the apples are peeled and […]