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Weekday mornings can be so hectic that everyone leaves the home nutritionally unprepared for the day ahead of them! It doesn’t have to be that way if you are willing to give a little of your time on the weekends, (maybe twice a month) to make a healthful batch of […]


Cookies! Summer or Winter they are always a welcome dessert or afternoon treat with tea, coffee, or milk. What makes these cookies extra special is that they are light, airy, crisp. Yes, and they are gluten-free. Oat flour and powdered pecans are the unique ingredients here. Flavor? Ahhhhh my most favored […]


ORANGES. Can you imagine a cake using Whole Oranges and only 5 ingredients! Spring is in the air and I wanted something bright and refreshing in flavor, gluten-free (without using any of those gluten-free flours), and healthy-ish. This cake is simply all the above and amazing! Ingredients 10 inch cake Oranges […]


Healthy desserts, and healthy snacks that satisfy, are not easy to come by. Fruit and nuts, in any form, are often a good standby. Sometimes you want a little something creamy to satisfy that hankering for a piece of cheesecake, or ice cream. Ugh, health! These little Date Bites were […]


Nothing says ‘hello September’ to me like FIGS! Big fat juicy figs falling off the tree, tempting all with their sweetness. How is it that nearly three generations of Americans thought figs were some dried up fruit, from a far-off land, squished inside of two pieces of dough, and called […]


Healthy desserts. Is there really such a thing? Yes!! Dates are deliciously sweet, nuts are wonderfully healthy, and a splash of chocolate is always good for whatever ails you. This Mediterranean style dessert has been around a very, long time, and will soon become your new favorite dessert to keep […]


Who needs Valentines Day to enjoy Healthy Chocolate Hearts! Dates, Nuts, and Cacao are the only ingredients in these hearts. Dipping chocolate is the only ingredient that has a bit of sugar. Eat up and enjoy! INGREDIENTS Yields 2 – 3 dozen Dates – 2 cups, pitted Nuts – 2 […]


Ever peel off a huge leaf of cabbage and imagine using it as a bowl? It’s almost whimsical looking. This quick and refreshing salad was created simply to turn these lovely cabbage leaves into a bowl! Enjoy as a side dish, or toss a little cooked shrimp or meat into […]


One of the most unusual tasting nuts, and not very often shared in recipes, is the Black Walnut. There is an almost smoky, earthy flavor to them, and they lend themselves beautifully to the richness of a shortbread type of cookie. Hope you enjoy this cookie recipe my Swedish grandmother […]


  Food is the most delicious way I know to keep family traditions alive, and Baklava is our family’s most favored traditional dessert. I grew up in a Syrian/American home, and have been cooking since I could stand on a chair to knead bread. I have a large foodie family. […]