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Traditional American Dessert? Most would think of Apple Pie. Traditional Middle Eastern/Greek Dessert? Most would think of Baklava/Baklawa. So, why not combine both fabulous desserts into one! Apple Baklava, or Baklawa as I would prefer since I am of Syrian heritage, but most people only know of Baklava, so… Apple […]


These strange and uncertain times have put my emotions in a blender and turned it on puree! I woke this morning with a bad attitude. One of those ‘kick the can’ kinda attitudes, so I decided the only thing that might snap me out of it, is APPLE PIE. I […]


  Apples are such a delightful asset to autumn! So many recipes rummage around in my taste buds, but for a little something special, and unique, I am going to create APPLE WELLINGTON! Using Our Homemade Crust, or any favorite pie crust, or store bought, the apples are peeled and […]