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Traditional American Dessert? Most would think of Apple Pie. Traditional Middle Eastern/Greek Dessert? Most would think of Baklava/Baklawa. So, why not combine both fabulous desserts into one! Apple Baklava, or Baklawa as I would prefer since I am of Syrian heritage, but most people only know of Baklava, so… Apple […]


Part of the food and dining experience, is about the drink! And while I can pop the cork on my favorite bottle of wine, I know nothing about cocktails. I have invited my favorite mixologist, who happens to be a wedding planner as well, to show me some of the […]


Apple Cider is not just for the autumn. Its crisp, tart flavor lends itself to many other options. For example, I love to use a chilled splash of apple cider in my pie crusts, in place of water. Or, add it to a simmering pot of pork ribs. But on […]


Do you know what’s in your PUMPKIN SPICE? We all love Pumpkin Everything. From Latte’s, to Pie. So why not take ten minutes out of your Autumn season, and mix up a jar of your very own, exotic, and spice layered stash of Pumpkin Spice! So easy. Makes 1 ounce Cinnamon – […]