Color Your Eyebrows To Look Younger

Color your eyebrows to make your eyes stand out, look rested and bring attention to that bright-eyed happy expression.

There are no ugly women in this world.
There Are No Ugly Women In This World

What’s Eyebrows Got To Do With It!

If you are wondering what on earth eyebrows have to do with Whisking and Dining?

As food bloggers, lifestyle vloggers, or simply the millions of selfie lovers capturing their everyday life on social media, it helps to have a few tricks up your sleeve before you point the camera in your face!

Having spent the past five years creating food stories, often with me in them, I realized my own self-maintenance was as much in need of polishing as the silver.

This realization, and the fact that I have some great beauty-tips to share with you, is what lead to this segment I decided to write.

I might kick myself later, with embarrassment, after revealing the goofy side of me!

Color Your Own Eyebrows

Why Color Eyebrows?

Why color your brows if you already use brow pencil or powder?

Simple. Because it wipes off, sweats off, rubs off (poor guys will have it all over their shirt when you give a hug).

Under studio lights, it melts off!

Color your brows twice a month and forget about using daily maintenance other than to brush them!

It’s easy, inexpensive and it will take you under 30-minutes, start to finish.

Brow makeup rubs off
Brow Makeup Rubs Off

Pencil And Powder Wipe Off

Why trust me with this tutorial?

Easy! I was a hairdresser for 40-years, still licensed and still take care of friends, family and MYSELF!

I learned a valuable lesson many years ago from Coco Chanel: ‘There Are No Ugly Women In The World, Only Lazy Ones’!

With a little encouragement and a few easy tutorials, any woman can learn to take her looks to ‘spectacular’ in just a few minutes a day with just the right equipment.

Where To Shop For Beauty Supplies

First, let’s get some supplies.

While there are numerous beauty suppliers that sell to licensed hairdressers, I found that Sally’s Beauty Supply had most items needed for any consumer’s DIY beauty treatment.

There are over 3,700 stores and online shopping. (And no, I get nothing from them for informing you haha.)

Everything you need can be found here, and it is inexpensive!

Once you purchase the supplies, they will last nearly one year and cost under $10.00!

Hah! Bet you paid $25.00 for your brow pencil.

Color options
Color options


  • Color – one shade darker than your hair color. If you have black hair, stay with black. If you have gray hair, select a color similar to the color you had before turning gray.
  • Peroxide – 10 volume only, 4 ounces
  • Glass cup – the perfect cup is the one they sell for mixing acrylic nail chemicals in.
  • Q-tips
  • Brow Brush – an old mascara brush or Sally has them in a package to purchase
  • Cleanser
  • Headband to keep your hair back
  • The video tutorial above will walk you right through the process of selecting a color, mixing, applying and washing up!
Brow color supplies
Brow Color Supplies


Firstly, Mix equal amounts (size of a lima bean) of color and developer/peroxide, in the glass cup. Apply a little cleanser around the eyebrow area (not on them), to make cleanup easier.

Secondly, Apply the color with a Q-tip carefully on the brows. Brush with the brow-brush, then apply a second coat of color.

Thirdly, Wait 15 minutes and wash off!

Ugly? Yep! This gets goofy ugly before it gets gorgeous!

15-Minutes to natural looking brows and Done!

Natural looking brows after coloring them.
Natural Looking Brows After Color

Looking For A Natural Product To Color Your Brows?

Over the years, of tinting my brows every two weeks, I began to notice that while the hair of the brow took the color, there were more and more areas without hair.

I’m sure some of it is aging, but I still wanted a brow line that looks natural.

More and more women have discovered, or rediscovered, the natural tinting process of plant Henna.

For a step-by-step instructional with video, and for more information on Henna, I have plenty there for you!

Natural Henna Brow Color At Home From A Professional
Natural Henna Brow Color At Home From A Professional 
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