Month: June 2020


TO ALL THE ARROGANT PEOPLE AND STUPID GOVERNORS THAT WON’T MAKE MASKS MANDATORY: The rest of us will wear these adorable little fans around our neck and BLOW YOUR GERMS RIGHT BACK! That’s All…  


DAD. Often times, it doesn’t invoke good feelings. Sorry. Sad, but true for many. But… Here’s the good news, WE CAN CHANGE THAT! If you were one of the lucky ones to have a fabulous, present, loving father that made you all the beautiful things you are now… the world […]


So… You want dessert. You have three eggs. Two people. Two very different ideas about dessert, let alone ‘picky person’ ingredient desires. What do you make? Eggs! Well, sort of. Julia Childs set a precedence for Americans to embrace French cooking. Everyone who adores French food knows there is lots of […]


LAVENDER. What’s not to love about this intensely aromatic, versatile, and bee loving plant! Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined to be successful at growing this beautiful plant, but I tried my hand at it, well actually went overboard with twenty-four plants my first go-round, and all […]


A word on garlic: When lockdown first began, like many of you, I freaked out at the thought of not being able to buy fresh produce. Garlic was a big one, for me. I like the natural juice and oils of fresh garlic in my food and not powdered garlic. […]


                                  Every year my grandson picks peas as the seeds he wants grandma to grow. I start the seed indoors in March. Always surprised they actually grow, I am elated to transplant them outside […]


Where do you take your son for lunch when he is a killer chef, at the top of his game in his culinary career? Well, of course, you jump on a plane, leave the east coast and head for the west coast, rent a car, drive up the breathtaking Pacific […]


This week, I came un-done. Darkness seemed to prevail, not just because of #blackouttuesday but the reality that peaceful people are being used for evil deeds, equality among people appears farther than it ever has, our economy is being strangled, and a deadly virus is still just as deadly as […]