What To Do When It Snows In The Spring

What to do when it snows in the spring? Bake! Signs of spring are in the air, and then it snows, so make hot chocolate and bake!

Snow In Spring?
Snow In Spring?

The second day of spring and 10 more hours of snow. A heap of overripe bananas. I see lots and lots of Banana Muffins happening here today!

Heat The Kitchen When It Snows In Spring

No better way to heat up the house than with kitchen heat. Crack open the window to listen to that magical silence, that only a falling snow lends creates.

Undoubtedly the chatter of birds, will remind us that spring will return, once we wait this snow out, birds included.

What To Do When It Snows In The Spring

Just yesterday daffodils and forsythia were in bloom, robins feasting on their spring morsels from a the moist winter soil, and I was planning and plotting a new summer garden.

But everything comes to a stand still when mother nature decides it would be a good day for snow.

So, let’s heat up the kitchen, bake some healthy cookies, maybe a healthyish cake, and for dinner let’s use up veggies in the fridge and make a Shepherds Pie!

British Shepherd's Pie
British Shepherd’s Pie


I’ll bet you’ve got lots of bananas laying around, like I do. It seems they go from green and hard, to brown and mushy in two days, these days.

And so, off to the kitchen I go to make lots and lots of banana muffins. I remember when my children were small, and a snow day like today suddenly appeared, I always told them “today will call for a little tea party”!

Of course, it often meant Hot Chocolate was going to be served in the teapot, but either way it was memorable times I wanted them to pass on to their families.

Do you see the tiny buttons on the plate below, next to the mini banana muffins? Oh my, let me tell you about those!

Or maybe you already saw me make these on PBS, but first let’s chat about these mini banana muffins!

Have A Tea Party
Have A Tea Party

Recipe for my favorite BANANA MUFFINS here.

Bake Lots Of Banana Muffins
Bake Lots Of Banana Muffins

Have A Tea Party When It Snows In The Spring

Surely it doesn’t matter if you have children at home, or it’s just you at home, a tea party always feels like a celebration.

Consequently, when I cooked for PBS on The Great American Recipe and was asked to “Choose something you make time and again with someone you love,” my little Button Cups came to mind first.

Indeed these whimsical little nut butter and jam cookies were inspired by the children’s books I would read to my children when they were little.

As a result of their whimsy, my children would ask for us to make them for special occasions. Making these on a snow day in spring, certainly seemed like the perfect thing to do to make the day feel special.

Button Cups On A Snowy Day Or For Television!
Button Cups On A Snowy Day Or For Television!
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