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MARYLAND is a crab state. And while crabs can be enjoyed fresh out of the Chesapeake Bay for several months throughout the summer, the tedious work of picking crabs, (which can only be done by hand) is fast becoming a fading job market to fill. No one wants to do […]


Ahhhh Fish! Light on the tummy, and full of protein. But sometimes its flavor is so mild that our brain doesn’t register – Full and Satisfied! Spring and summer is my favorite time to bake, grill, or fry fish of any kind and pile it high on top of my […]


EAT. DRINK. BE HAPPY! This video, I have made for you, is a simple yet exuberant collage of the fun, food, and family traditions we love to enjoy each year. I hope you will smile a little, laugh a little, and be REAL hungry after watching! All the recipes in […]


While there are many ways to use the meat that has been cooked from a whole chicken, an easy, light, all-time favorite will quickly become the Greek Chicken-Salad Lettuce Wrap! This delicious chicken salad has all the ingredients found in a Greek salad, with the addition of chicken! Romaine lettuce […]


  A quick meal that packs a huge punch in flavor, health properties, and visual eye candy! Eggplant Towers are fabulous year-round. The Portobello mushrooms, as well as the eggplant takes on a very meaty texture, making it both filling and delicious. There are several steps in the preparation but […]


  Raise your hand if you love BRUSSELS SPROUTS! I thought so. I have never been a fan of these miniature looking cabbage balls, particularly when they are boiled, or swimming in butter. Yuk! But that was the only way I had them while growing up. Once a year for […]


  This dressing will surprise your taste buds the second you place just a bit on the tongue! Within a matter of seconds you will taste: Sweet, Sour, Tangy, and Spicy. It brings all the flavors to any dish that could otherwise be bland. We love it on seafood, chicken, […]