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  I can’t think of anything more luscious as an accompaniment to a Charcuterie, Pizza, Sandwich, or simply pureed as a Dip, than Roasted Marinated Peppers! Red peppers are sweet and juicy, and if you like just a touch of heat, roast a chili peppers along with it and add […]


  Raise your hand if you love BRUSSELS SPROUTS! I thought so. I have never been a fan of these miniature looking cabbage balls, particularly when they are boiled, or swimming in butter. Yuk! But that was the only way I had them while growing up. Once a year for […]


Comfort Food. What do you think of when it’s cold outside? How about something that warms the home, teases the tummy with aromas to hunger for, accompanied by a toasty fire, and your favorite glass… Sunday Roast! Everything roasted!!  As someone who loves to celebrate relationships over great food, I […]


  Have you ever been served one baked potato and wondered if you could really eat the whole thing? Yet… two whole Rosemary Roasted Potato Fries set before you, and you will be wanting for more! Potatoes are funny like that.  The recipe for these wicked good potatoes couldn’t be […]