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EAT. DRINK. BE HAPPY! This video, I have made for you, is a simple yet exuberant collage of the fun, food, and family traditions we love to enjoy each year. I hope you will smile a little, laugh a little, and be REAL hungry after watching! All the recipes in […]


The most delicate and delicious seafood to enjoy throughout the winter months are OYSTERS! No matter how you eat them, they are always a crowd pleaser. One evening while heading home too late to have had time to prep dinner, I made one quick stop and bought some Oysters. By […]


Mouthwatering tenderloins of beef, a dark rich Guinness Ale, raw oysters on the half shell, and a buttery puff pastry; is YOUR mouth watering yet? This dish has become such a favorite of mine that I featured it while submitting a new show pitch and trailer to several networks for […]