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Don’t you just Love ALMOND BUTTER! Do you cry when you see the price? Do you scratch you head when you open the jar and find one-inch of oil swimming at the top? NO MORE!! I am about to share a secret and a recipe with you, you’re gonna love! […]


Every afternoon, throughout the summer, I find myself looking for something icy cold, with just a little kick of caffeine, and of course… healthy! These Almond Popsicles have become my summer afternoon treat. Lots of crushed almonds, a few dates to sweeten, (instead of sugar) a splash of espresso, and […]


Cranberries. Why do we only eat them at Thanksgiving, or drink them in our Cosmopolitan? Let’s eat pie! They are loaded with vitamin C, and have an array of other health benefits. And the taste… tart, juicy, and with no seeds! I have created this pie simply for that sake […]


  (Bastila B’Stilla or Pastilla)  Sometimes, you just have to make something exotic with everyday, ordinary ingredients. THAT is what Bastilla is! Most often known to be a dish from Morocco, it is said to be prepared in Egypt as well, though its origin is actually from Andalusia, hence the […]