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DON’T put those popsicle makers away yet! Cold, Flu and Allergy season is here, which makes this the perfect time of year to make something icy cold to relieve a dry, scratchy, sore throat. I created this recipe because my own throat was feeling miserable. I can’t express how comforting […]


Homemade Lemonade is not just for summertime! I make a batch of this and keep it in my fridge often. It is perfect for cocktails, added to confection sugar for icing on a cake, warmed during sore-throat season, or simply drink it for a very refreshing cool drink! You can […]


POPSICLES!!! Oh My Gosh I have newly discovered them! Growing up, there was nothing like an ice cold popsicle on a hot summer day. They made your lips freeze, your tongue turn colors (lots of dye:( and summer seem all the sweeter because of them. Then, the 21st century hit […]


If you know me, you know I am a late-in-life rookie gardener. This year I wanted to try my hand at an ‘Herb de Provence’ field, in an area the deer usually beat me to. It worked! I am so excited to see and smell the intoxicating aromas of lavender, […]


Every afternoon, throughout the summer, I find myself looking for something icy cold, with just a little kick of caffeine, and of course… healthy! These Almond Popsicles have become my summer afternoon treat. Lots of crushed almonds, a few dates to sweeten, (instead of sugar) a splash of espresso, and […]


  Every afternoon throughout the lazy days of summer, I find myself looking for a little Caffeine Kiss to finish out my workday. And so, I created a little something to “Kiss the Spot”!  A perfectly brewed cup of coffee, nutrient rich raw cacao, something to sweeten the pot, and […]