Valentine Day For All Loves

Valentine Day For All Loves, is just that; love of self, life, family and the many loves in our life that come in many varied forms. Don’t you think?

Valentine Tree
Valentine Tree

Valentine Day

Valentine Day, some say, is a silly day!

We’re supposed to; Buy flowers, Buy candy, Buy love!

No, I am not a cynical person, quite the contrary; I am a Lover of Life, and all its many loves.

But unless you have something to market, ie sell, on Valentine Day, don’t you think it’s time to ponder the many ways to best celebrate Valentine Day?

Light Up Your Yard, Balcony or Deck!
Light Up Your Yard, Balcony or Deck!

Dark History Of Valentines

Analytical people (which I am), like to know the ‘why’ of a holiday. Perhaps you already know of the dark history of Valentines Day; ain’t no candy and roses here!

Single parents, which I have been for most of my parenting life, often feel the ‘sting’ on Valentines Day.

Widowed, or recently broken from a relationship you once valued, or you and your mate are separated by one of life’s complicated situations? This day might feel better, skipped over.

But Don’t! Let’s take a look at ways we can change our approach to Valentine Day and make it, instead, a day for All Loves!

Let’s make this (market driven), day, a day to celebrate the many loves in our life and have fun celebrating it from that perspective!

Valentine My Way

When my four children were young, I squashed the ole concepts of Valentine Day being for lovers, and made it about the four beautiful loves of my life.

I made a special dinner, dressed us all up, set a beautiful table, set a small gift on each of their plates, and made the evening a ‘Love Celebration’.

Valentine Day For All Loves
Valentine Day For All Loves

Friendships Are Unique Loves

When I stepped into a marriage, for all the wrong reasons, Valentine Day felt a slap in my face.

Instead of whining about the mistake I had made, I did the next best thing: I threw the best Valentine Parties you ever saw!

It was amazing how many couples were grateful to have someone else create a celebration evening, and give them a reason to get dressed up and go out.

Hired musicians, often people I knew, cooked for days, hired teens, of some of the parents that would be attending, and paid them to serve food, keep the kitchen tidy, and dishes washed.

This gathering of friends was embraced by all and perhaps helped with unmet expectations in some of their relationships.

Valentine Gathering At Home
Valentine Gathering At Home

Valentine Day Is NOT For Lovers – It’s For ALL Loves

Think about a hobby or job you do, in which you know of other people who also do this hobby or job.

Invite a few of these people over to celebrate the common interest you share over a spread of sweet treats; anything from Cookies, Chocolate Pie to a Chili Chocolate Cupcake!

How about folks we encounter throughout the year who impact our lives in a way that brings comfort or makes a day a little bit easier;

  • Folks in the health care, looking after us and our family.
  • Lawn care people who weather the heat of summer so we don’t have to.
  • Grocery folks who are there long before the store opens to get ready for our arrival.
  • The list could go on and on with teachers, garbage collectors, postal, not to mention uniformed folks that hem us in with safety and security.

Love and appreciation, I think, go hand in hand. We could bake something, make something, or just buy some of those fun cards kids give out at school for Valentine day, and give those as a thank you.

The love gifts below, Linzer Cookies, are a favorite I like to make and give to people either in my home on Valentine day, or to folks I encounter throughout my year, but make sure I give them for Valentine day.

Love Gifts
Love Gifts

An Affordable Home LOVE Party

However you choose to put together a fun home gathering for a few or many friends to celebrate together, it is bound to be better than going to a restaurant.

Think about the folks waiting on you in a restaurant who can’t celebrate Valentine day with someone. They are waiting on you and probably in a hurry for you to eat and leave.

So, why not try a little something different this year and see how you feel about Valentine day. Here is how I have approached it in the past;

I soon realized that having spent so much time and attention making the evening special for other people, I forgot about the tiny hole that sometimes exists in my own heart.

For all I knew, many of the others attending, suffer silently with a similar hole in their hearts, and maybe I helped them forget too.

Try something new! Be creative! Use your home as a special setting for a fun evening! Fall in LOVE with YOU and celebrate all your wonderfulness!

Valentine Day For All Loves
Valentine Day For All Loves
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