New Year, New Perspectives, New Ways

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A Healthy New Year can be as attainable as taking a new perspective and adopting a few new ways to obtain it. 

New Healthy Mindset

It would be easy to spew out all that was wrong with 2020, things we are still living with until it can fade into our distant memory as time continues; but rather than dwell on what is wrong, bad or painful, I have come to believe that it serves us better to use the energy from negative experiences to sharpen, teach and change us in all the areas we might be able to benefit. 

As a single mother of four, now grown, with families and lives of their own, spending time together is something we each love, look forward to, and benefit from. While it was not possible to do in 2020, something very beautiful transpired among my little family that brought to life (and into action), something a parent rarely gets to witness; many of the important things I taught them while growing up, the mindset of survival, how to do most anything yourself, and most of all, a positive attitude that has benefited them greatly during this year, kicked into action with each one of them. 

Not only did all of my children and their families cook every meal from scratch and elevate their food preparation skills, but some of them actually took to ‘dirt’ for the first time in their lives. Yes, dirt! They began to grow things; herbs, vegetables, fruits (Cali kid and his lemons and limes), and found a great satisfaction in the art of self sufficiency, or perhaps just the satisfaction a few pots of dirt gave them. I can’t tell you how proud I was/am. 

Health Habits

If there was one Google search that out numbered most in 2020, it had to be ‘healthy immune system’! Yep! You Googled it too? 

It’s odd how we become so busy with our everyday lives and rarely develop healthy habits, until we get sick, or are forced to, as this fearful year imposed on all of us. Every year, on New Year’s Day, more people than not make a resolution to ‘get healthier’, exercise more, eat more veggies, without ever really educating ourselves as to how to go about it. Of course, a New Year Resolution can’t have sticking power if we don’t really know what or how to go about it. 

As we each are entering 2021, examining (maybe for the first time), beneficial new perspectives to elevate our health practices, we fast become aware that it will require new ways of doing things. 

I have often wondered, this year, as we all became mega-germaphobes, if we will all revert back to the way we once did things before an entire planet was forced to change health awareness. Somehow, I think not. Research has given us some inside perspectives on the time it takes to change a habit. It is said that it is much easier to start doing something new than to stop doing something habitual, without a replacement behavior. For it to become a new way of life, the magic number appears to be 66-days. We’ve been at this new way of living for ten months already.

Have you given thought to new ways you might want to eat this new year? Maybe you always ate healthy but have other health concerns that caused you to fear the ever-lurking virus. Two of my children have suffered asthma since they were very little (as do some of my grandchildren). They eat healthy, both of them cook extremely well, but the fear of already weakened lungs, caused them to be most cautious during 2020. 

As I found myself sharing many quick, easy and cost affective health based recipes with my family during this past year, I couldn’t help but think of many of my new and dear friends on social media who might also find some of these Immune boosting recipes and food choices beneficial in your own lives. 

What makes YOU think you are an expert on these topics, you might be asking?

I am a weird ole gal of 68 years, have been a health nut my entire life, have worked in the beauty industry for 40 years, am on zero medications, have never wrestled with my weight, have birthed 4 children, never eat fast-food, pre-pared grocery items, rarely eat processed sugar, have drunk a liter of water a day for the past 40 years, never suffered menopause symptoms (do you hate me yet?), made many of my beauty treatments for hair and skin since I was 16, sleep 8 uninterrupted hours every night… See? I AM A WEIRD OLE GAL! Please forgive me, I am not being boastful, I only seek to share with you, any and all things I have learned throughout my life that have served me well. Please feel free to take or leave any or all of what I share with you and know that in sharing, I seek only to love others as I have come to love myself xoxo

Detox Green Smoothie
Immune Boost Onion Soup
Egg Muffin Cups – 3-Ways
No-Bake Energy Bites

Health Is Colorful

It is said, that the more colorful your food, the healthier you will be. Ugh. So much for pasta, bread, fried foods and other very yummy foods we all love to eat. Since I don’t want to give up some of the colorless foods I enjoy eating, I decided to balance them with colorful foods I could also love to eat. For this reason, I am focusing my New Year Periodical on New Perspectives New Ways. I hope I am able to inspire you to join in with me, try a few new ways of switching up old habits, and feel much more confident about your health. 

While I am not going to tamper with an evening meal, this time, I do hope to inspire you to rethink breakfast, lunch, snacks, even desserts and yes… they are all going to be healthy, easy to prepare and COLORFUL!


My Muffin Madness


In my family, I’ve always been known as the ‘Muffin Queen’. Out of necessity, I created muffins for breakfast, lunch, on the go snacks, sometimes dinner and a sweet yet healthyish treat for dessert!

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