Month: December 2016


Sights, sounds, smells, and tastes; the holidays are rich with the memories of these. Pizzelles, for my family, are a holiday cookie requested each and every year. These beautiful large snowflakes fill the aroma of the kitchen with anise seed as they sizzle between the pizzelle press. An Italian cookie, […]


Nothing says “Holiday Feast” quite like a Goose! It’s succulent, dark, flavorful meat makes it a prize hunt for the holidays. While I have never cooked a goose before, I was curious to see if roasting it the way I would roast any large piece of meat would prove noteworthy. It […]


  Charles Dickens. A Christmas Carol, I believe was the first and only time I had encountered The Christmas Pudding. Now, married to a British Gentleman, I accepted the challenge to – Recreate The Christmas Pudding. Traditions are like that. Particularly at holiday time, we reach deep into our memories […]


There always seems to be a little left-over pie dough when I make pies. These delicious pie crust scraps make for the perfect appetizers. Use them the same day as they were prepared, or flatten into a disk, wrap in plastic, and freeze until needed. When cocktail time demands a […]


Who dreams about recipes? Hah! Maybe only kooky artists like me. Well, last night I envisioned a delicious custard pie, flavored with tahini, which of course is simply a sesame seed paste. So… why not put sesame seed flour in the crust too? I grew up eating a dessert called […]


  A favorite family Christmas Cookie has long been the Linzer Cookie. Why? I think because it’s appearance and flavors encompass Christmas colors and flavors better than any other cookie I make. Linzer Cookies were first derived from Austria, with almond meal in the cookie dough and raspberry or current […]


Fast, easy, and savable dinners. THAT is what the busy holiday season needs. Actually, a few of these tucked away in your freezer are welcome any time of year. Stuffed shells are just the “fix” for a busy life. Homemade stuffed shells, of course! Hot, Cheesy, Spicy, and delicious. Tomato […]