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Nothing says ‘hello September’ to me like FIGS! Big fat juicy figs falling off the tree, tempting all with their sweetness. How is it that nearly three generations of Americans thought figs were some dried up fruit, from a far-off land, squished inside of two pieces of dough, and called […]


I can’t think of a better way to awaken spring, than with Strawberries! These non-dairy, coconut custard tarts, layered with strawberries are just the right portion of a sweet treat to get your imagination spiraling for all the other things we love in spring time. Mason jar lids are the […]


A cookie-like crust. A sweet milk custard, and luscious ruby red raspberries. Can you think of anything more delicious for a Valentine Dessert! The crust can be made in advance, and either stored in the fridge for a week, or frozen for several months. I love to use Mason Jar […]


Who dreams about recipes? Hah! Maybe only kooky artists like me. Well, last night I envisioned a delicious custard pie, flavored with tahini, which of course is simply a sesame seed paste. So… why not put sesame seed flour in the crust too? I grew up eating a dessert called […]