Valentine Dinners At Home

Valentine Dinners At Home for two, a party or solo, with a helping of creativity, can be gourmet or casual depending, on the whimsy you desire.

Where Are The Best Valentine Dinners?

Do you really want to go out to a busy restaurant? Surely the servers would rather be elsewhere on Valentine Day and not serving you on a night they too might want to experience a little whimsy for themselves. 

You are creative! Surely with a little help and a few ideas, you could arrange an amazing evening to celebrate a Valentine dinner at home.

There will be no hurry to leave, as little or as much as you want to drink and eat and take some great selfies to remember the occasion, without on-looker’s.

Of course you can play your favorite music, it’s your home. Perhaps you will want to watch a favorite love story, play some fun games; but for sure, you can do whatever you want, it’s your home!

But the food? Well, my friend, do I have some great ideas for you!

Best Valentine Day Dinner Dates At Home

Valentine Evening At Home Needs Fun Things To Do

Are you planning a romantic dinner for two? How about a fun evening with a few friends? Maybe a special evening, you’d like to simply pamper yourself?

While I’ve been doing fun Valentine dinner evenings at home, long before Covid knocked us off our feet, I think I might be able to inspire you to do the same.

If you were dining out, rather than having Valentine dinner at home, what would you do when dinner is finished?

There are two of you or maybe a few of you? I’ve got some fun conversation sparking questions, questions you might never get around to asking or using for interesting conversation. 

They will get printed out days before, folded and drawn from a plate. Laughter, inquisition and fun shall prevail on your Valentine Day!

How About A Meaningful Valentine Dinner At Home – SOLO!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve enjoyed a Valentine dinner at home, solo, of just with my children, since I was a single mom of four fabulous children.

I have an adorable idea for you to have an evening down memory lane, with photos and prompted questions to spark answers to write out in a journal.

You will buy a gift for yourself, for this evening, a diary or scrapbook that will be used to create meaningful memories for this evening. 

Valentine Day – Ouch

Have you ever stepped into a marriage or relationship for all the wrong reasons? Don’t let that put a thorn in your life. I’ve been there, more than once and I’m not embarrassed to say; It’s life.

We learn, we move on; LLG is what I call it ‘Live Learn Grow’! 

Valentine day can sometimes feel like a slap in my face, but we have a choice. We can whimper and whine about a current situation or do something that makes us feel better.

Being the self-hugger that I am, I often threw the biggest darn romantic Valentine dinner parties at home.

Why? It helped me to take the focus off what might be wrong in my own relationship, or absence of one, by setting the stage for others to enjoy theirs.  

Special Dinners At Home

I was amazed at how many couples were grateful to have someone else create a celebration evening.

It gave them a reason to get dressed up and be certain of great food, laughter and entertainment. 

Sometimes I hired musicians, often people I knew and since I have a piano at home, it was easy to pull together a small jazz ensemble.

But other times I simply planned a great playlist which also created a romantic, yet upbeat mood. 

Valentine Creativity

One year, many years ago, I sent out invitations for a Valentine’s Day celebration in my home, and with the responses, also came lots of other creative ideas.

Some, offered to make many of the desserts, while others were delighted to put together charcuterie boards. 

Altogether, the creative ideas were beginning to flow. Before things got underway, in planning, a friend told me something I never knew about obtaining flowers.

Should I want to have flower arrangements in my home for the occasion, and not spend the money for them; funeral homes were the go-to destination. Yep!

Did you know that funeral homes will take a large amount of flowers to a grave site, but never all, since there just is not room.

Simply call the funeral home, tell them you are planning, something special for the community, and they will often set the overflow of flower arrangements out their back door for you to come gather.

Take them apart, and rearrange them for your vases and bowls, and there you have decorations for free!

Set The Stage For Diners At Home

First, we will want to create a mood; a nook in the home can be as simple as transforming a rarely used area and make it into a new spot for the night. 

Have you ever see the film “The Holiday”? Remember that tent scene? A magical, fairytale moment created in the children’s bedroom!

Don’t you agree that picnics often feel the same, a new spot for a meal?

  • Depending where you live, February 14 is winter and cold in many regions. A fire is often a transforming mood changer. Set up a coffee table in front of the fireplace and throw some pillows on the floor to sit on. 
  • A fire pit outside is a great mood setting. Pack 2 baskets of food with drinks and enjoy the night sky.
  • Candles easily transform a room, if a fireplace is not in the home. Lots of candles at various different heights make for a lovely setting. 

Food And Drink For A Valentine Day Dinner At Home

Absolutely, do I have some fabulous, easy to prepare, maybe even do-ahead delicious dinner ideas for you to enjoy at home!

I hope that you will enjoy the videos I prepared for you. They are intended to inspire you to create something fun and new, even if it’s for a different evening at home, and you simply choose to go out for Valentine night!

Short Ribs Dinner
Short Ribs Dinner
Buddha Bowl Dinner At Home
Buddha Bowl Dinner At Home
Pomegranate Martini
Pomegranate Martini
Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate
Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate
Homemade Almond Crusted Chocolate Pie
Homemade Almond Crusted Chocolate Pie
Easy Raspberry Tarts In Mason Jar Lids
Easy Raspberry Tarts In Mason Jar Lids

I wish you a spectacular Valentine Dinner At Home and I’d love to hear back from you, what you prepared and how much fun it was!

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