Hairpieces And Hair Color Tips (with video)

Hairpieces And Hair Color Tips, from a professional, for fuller, more glamorous hair, you can do at home.

Hairpiece Tips and Tricks for fuller hair.
Hairpiece Tips and Tricks For Fuller Hair

Professional Tips For Glamorous Hair You Can Do At Home

You know the ole saying, ‘fake it till you make it’?

Well, since we can’t ‘make’ more hair, the least we can do is learn new ways to incorporate ‘fake’ hair into our own hair!

By age 16, I was already working alongside my mom in her hair salon.

In those days, hairpieces, rollers, updos and glamorous hair was the way hair was done in the ‘beauty parlor’!

Think… Dolly Parton, and you will invision what I’m talking about.

Hair In The 60’s

Fake hair, fake lashes, fake nails.

We had a standing joke in the salon back then, “If hubby wanted real time with us, he might find much of us over on the dressing table”!

Hair pieces, lashes, stick-on nails were all the rage back in those days and though I was only 16-years of age, I surely learned all I’d ever need to know about Hair Hacks, then!

Beauty Shop Buzz In The 60's!
Beauty Shop Buzz In The 60’s!

Human Hair Makes The BEST Fake Hair Hairpieces!

If we think all the tricks and tips we have now are new, some of these tips were actually passed down through several generations.

Hair problems, for women, have always been the ‘buzz’ we women talk about.

The wearing of wigs and attachable hair, has been around for so long it would make your head spin to go back that far in history!

Documented history of hair extensions and wigs goes all the way back to 3400 BC!

Historically, they were worn by both men and women.

A thick head of hair was seen as a status symbol.

I’m not so sure we’ve wavered far from that thinking since then, at least not for women.

Vintage Hair Tip That Really Works
Vintage Hair Tip That Really Works

A Vintage Hair Tip That Really Works

Ever heard the phrase, ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure’?

How much hair do you have in your hairbrush a month? I thought so. Lots. 

Of course you throw that hair in the trash?

I’ve got a fabulous vintage tip I learned from my grandmother many years ago, that will turn that ‘trash’ into a treasure.

Hairbrush ‘Rats’ For A Bigger Bun

They used to call them ‘Rats, Hair Rats’!

Originally rats were made from the hair collected out of brushes and combs.

Women, in those days, would save that hair for months, if not years, to created a thick cluster of matted hair.

The more hair that was collected, the thicker and denser the matted hair ball would be.

These matted hair balls created a ‘hair pillow’ that was used in a variety of ways.

The Perfect Classic French Twist

Is it possible for the Classic French Twist to ever go out of style?

I think not.

And no one wore it better than Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s!

Back in my mama’s salon, is where I first learned how to create the perfect French Twist.

Hair was gathered to the back of the head, swept to one side.

And then with one smooth twist of the wrist, the hair was twisted into a funnel of elegance.

Often held by a few bobby pins or hairpins and if wealthy, by an elegant gemstone ornamented stick.

Check out this video below, and I will show you how it’s done!

Hair Hack For Glam Night

Vintage Hair Fame In Our Family

Sometimes you just know something runs in your blood that attracts you to particular talents.

It was in recent years, with the help of Google, that I discovered Hair Fame in our family.

Have you ever heard of Lustre-Creme Shampoo?

I know I never had. Never heard family speak of it, until I discovered family fame from the 1940’s, as it cared for the hair of Hollywood Stars!

As it turned out, my mothers Aunt Katherine and Uncle Harry Daumit created Lustre-Creme Shampoo, and everyone from Bette Davis to Donna Reed marketed the shampoo in every fashion magazine and newspaper.

Bette Davis Uses Daumit Created Lustre-Creme Shampoo
Bette Davis Uses Daumit Created Lustre-Creme Shampoo
Donna Reed Uses Daumit's Lustre-Creme Shampoo
Donna Reed Uses Daumit’s Lustre-Creme Shampoo

An Important Tip About Human Hair Hairpieces

A good quality human hair hairpiece, whether it’s a full wig or just clip-ins, can be treated nearly the same as your own hair. 

The beauty about collecting a few good quality hair pieces made from human hair, is that they seem to last forever.

I’ve had a hat box with several pieces for years, and I use them all the time for a variety of styles.

My most recent, would be when I was on set filming The Great American Recipe with PBS, where is was hot, humid and the days were long.

In my hotel room, I hung several hairpieces on a hanger with rollers in them and when 4:00 am alarm went off to get dressed, my hair was ready to go!

Finale Day At The Great American Recipe On PBS
Finale Day At The Great American Recipe On PBS

Color Your Human Hair Hairpieces

If you can Color Your Own Hair, you can touch up a little color on hairpieces and clip-ins.

I have always had a collection of hairpieces; long, short, dark blond, light blond but one thing I’ve always done to them, is color and perm them. 

An absolute must in the care of human hair, hair pieces is to use the same quality Hair Products on the hair pieces that you use on your hair.

Perming Your Human Hair Hairpieces

Since I have curly hair, most hairpieces come straight.

Putting a perm on a hairpiece can be tricky but I do have a vital hair tip for that.

So, if you need to know it, simply leave your questions and concerns in the comment section below, and I will explain in detail. 

Coloring Human Hair Hairpieces
Coloring Human Hair Hairpieces

Hair Color Tips For Hairpieces

A human hair hair-extension will take color beautifully.

They can be tinted darker, or with highlights, or even bleach them lighter, so long as you take extra care to keep the hair well conditioned and strong in the process.

Same as you would your own hair. 

Tinting Human Hair Hairpieces
Tinting Human Hair Hairpieces

Hair color tips don’t just end here with clip-in hairpieces.

If you are willing to try a little hair color on those extensions you own, then for sure you are ready to color your own eyebrows, with Henna or tint!

Take a look at how easy it is to Color Your Own Eyebrows and stop worrying about your brow powder or pencil rubbing off.

Professional Hairdresser Hair Secrets

While I could talk to you about this topic endlessly, having had not only the worst hair (myself), but having worked 40-years as a hairdresser, put my in contact with every possible hair type and challenge.

I can honestly tell you how I became a hairdresser, but don’t laugh.

It was the 60’s, Cher and Twiggy were the height of fashion, with their gorgeous shiny straight hair. 

My hair is ethnic curly, not really blonde yet not really brown, mousey blonde is more like it.

Teenagers And Hair

A real mess, or so I thought, as I was becoming a teenager. 

I set out to hack the heck out of my hair and find ways to make my hair look like the models I saw in magazines.

I mastered it by the age of 16!

I figured, if I could do everything with my horrid hair, imagine what I could do for others that had rather decent hair! 

My Career As A Hairdresser Began At Age 16

By age 16, I had my apprentice license and at age 18 I had a full book of clients.

I was elated to be making money while all my friends went off to college to become poor, parent dependent adults! 

At age 20, I was doing platform presentation work for a large number of other hairdressers around Washington DC.

And yes… I wore hair pieces even then!

Human Hair Hairpieces Braided Into My Hair In The 70's
Human Hair Hairpieces Braided Into My Hair In The 70’s

What Did You Do When All Salons Closed During A Pandemic?

Fast forward to a very different hair issue in life that only just recently occurred.

Who ever imagined that every hair salon would shut down for months, or more, or possible be forced to close because of a pandemic.

Roots, of every sort, were revealing themselves and selfies came to a halt, as families began to do each other’s hair!

Home Hair Care During A Pandemic
Home Hair Care During A Pandemic

And so, I did a tutorial to help my family and friends learn how to Color Your Own Hair at home during times of need.

If you have a specific issue you would like addressed about your hair, by all means, send me an email and I will chat with you personally. ( )

Hairpiece Tips and Hacks.
Hairpiece Tips and Hacks
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