HAIRSTORY For A Beautiful You

HAIRSTORY For A Beautiful You, is a hair-care line for beautiful healthy hair, unlike any I’ve ever known, and I’ve been a hairdresser for 40 years!

HAIRSTORY Hair-Care For Healthier Hair
HAIRSTORY Hair-Care For Healthier Hair


Let’s talk about YOUR hair, or Let’s Shop where you get YOUR 15% off for trying this amazing hair care system.

Have you ever wished for a hair-care product line that is actually Good For Your Hair?

I’ve been a hairdresser since the 60’s, and trust me when I tell you I have worked with every major hair-care product in the business, most now sold at drugstores.

I thought HAIRSTORY was just another fun line of hair products that smelled amazing and promised to do great things for hair.

Then I tried my first ‘funky’ container of New Wash and I was hooked.

Here’s what Forbes had to say about HAIRSTORY.

If YOU are in need of professional advise as to which product is best for you, please reach out to me at and we can chat about this together!

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If You Change Nothing – Then Nothing Changes

If we treat our hair with any chemical products for either color or structure, then we have already compromised its potentiality for health and strength.

Shampooing hair should be a gentle yet thorough cleansing treatment of our delicate hair and oil producing scalp.

Not a washing that acts like a detergent scrub, but rather one that is more like a cleanser you would use on your face.

Throughout my many professional years in this industry, I’ve found that the more a shampoo suds and foams, then for sure, the detergent levels are high and harsh.

Yet… we’ve been conditioned to believe that we need lots of bubbles to scrub oil and grime away.

Conditioned, is the contrary word here!


SKIN Is Part Of Beautiful You Too!

What Is Scalp?

Obviously, our scalp is skin that provides particular conditions for an abundance of hair to grow on.

Many things contribute to healthy production of hair, just as many things deter it from healthy growth.

Some of those things we don’t yet have the ability to ultar, such as our genetic predisposition and sometimes our hormone structure and changes.

However, since it is skin, then we do have the ability to care for it in ways that can enhance growth and health of the hair.


Healthy Scalp – Beautiful You

In all the years of cleansing my own hair, I’ve never experienced such invigoration of my scalp, as when I cleanse with a Massaging Scalp Brush.

These silicon bristles are perfect for promoting blood circulation, removing dandruff and impurities and to help in rinsing.

Be sure to get your Massaging Scalp Brush to use with all of your HAIRSTORY products.

Massaging Scalp Brush
Massaging Scalp Brush

Purple Boost For Blond And Silver Hair

The healthier way to boost your hair color and keep blond and silver hair bright and brass free.

Purple Boost improves color without damaging detergents, doubles the color protection, and restores natural shine.

Purple Boost To Brighten Blond Or Silver Hair
Purple Boost To Brighten Blond Or Silver Hair

Powder To Refresh Hair

Refresh hair and add volume without aerosol or talc.

Absorb oil and boost volume:

  • to extend the life of a blowout
  • add texture to braids
  • help an updo hold up

For ALL Your Styling Accessories

Regardless of what your styling needs are, to enhance your Beautiful You, HAIRSTORY’S got just what you need and some you never knew you could want!

Shop All Your Favorite Styling Lines Here
Shop All Your Favorite Styling Lines Here

From volume to moisture, calming to waxed, the styling aid you are sure to love is right here at your fingertip to Click And Shop!

Hair Balm
Hair Balm
dressed up
Dressed Up

hair oil

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Never tried HAIRSTORY Hair Care before?

Back here to replenish your supply?

Whatever brought you here to hang out with this long time expert on hair care, I’ve got a something for you!

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Your new Hair Story can begin right here when you first try NEW WASH and realize how soft and clean your hair can feel.

No longer brittle while wet, and less hair in the drain.

These were the first reasons I switched to HAIRSTORY.

Trust, is what brought me back for the other hair care products they offer.

Certainty, is what inspired me to ask the HAIRSTORY company if I could bring their amazing product to you, because you won’t find it anywhere except through a professional, which I am!

Ageless Hair
Ageless Hair
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