Hairpiece Tips and Hacks

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You know the ole saying, ‘fake it till you make it’? Sometimes a few hairpiece tips and hacks are all we need since we aren’t going to make hair overnight! 

Hairpiece Tips and Tricks for fuller hair.
Hairpiece Tips and Hacks

Hair Hacks

When I started doing hair, back in the 60’s, there used to be a standing joke in the salon, “If hubby wanted real time with us, he might find much of us over on the dressing table”!

Hair pieces, lashes, stick-on nails were all the rage back in those days and though I was only 16-years of age, I surely learned all I’d ever need to know about Hair Hacks, then!

What Is A Hair Hack?

A hair hack is really just a trick to accomplish something unique with our hair that our hair doesn’t already do. 

For many of us, that list can be quite long. I have crazy curly hair and always wanted it straight and silky. 

For other’s; straight wanted curly, long wished for short and sort, for long. But the one hair wish, most of us have, is to have ‘extra’ hair, in time of need. 

A vintage hair trick for a fuller bun or French Twist.
Vintage Hair Hack

A Vintage Hair Tip That Really Works

If we think all the tricks and tips we have now, are new, some of these tips were actually passed down one generation another.. 

Ever heard the phrase, ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure’? How much hair do you have in your hairbrush a month? I thought so. Lots. 

Of course you throw that hair in the trash? I’ve gat a fabulous tip I learned from my grandmother many years ago, that will turn that ‘trash’ into a treasure. They used to call them ‘rats’. Check out this video and it will best explain how and what is a hair rat! It’s Brilliant! Bigger Bun For Glam Night!

Hair Hack For Glam Night

An Important Tip About Human Hair Hairpieces

A good quality human hair hairpiece, whether it’s a full wig or just clip-ins can be treated nearly the same as your own hair. If you can Color Your Own Hair, you can touch up a little color on hairpieces and clip-ins.

I have always had a collection of hairpieces; long, short, dark blond, light blond but one thing I’ve always done to them, is perm them. 

Since I have curly hair, most hairpieces come straight. Putting a perm on a hairpiece can be tricky but I do have a vital hair tip for that, so if you need to know it, just send me an email and I will explain in detail. 

Putting color on human hair, hairpieces.
Putting Color On Human Hair, Hairpieces

Hair Color Tips For Hairpieces

A human hair hair-extension will take color beautifully. They can be tinted darker, or with highlights, or even bleach them lighter, so long as you take extra care to keep the hair well conditioned and strong in the process. Same as you would your own hair. 

Tinting human hair hairpieces at home.
Tinting Human Hair Hairpieces

Hair color tips don’t just end here with clip-in hairpieces. If you are willing to try a little hair color on those extensions you own, then for sure you are ready to color your own eyebrows! Take a look at how easy it is to Color Your Own Eyebrows and stop worrying about your brow powder or pencil rubbing off.

Professional Hair Dresser Hair Secrets

While I could talk to you about this topic endlessly, having had not only the worst hair (myself), 40-years working as a hairdresser but having worked with all types of hair over Five Decades, makes me something of an expert on hair. 

I can honestly tell you how I became a hairdresser, but don’t laugh. It was the 60’s, Cher and Twiggy were the height of fashion, with their gorgeous shinny straight hair. 

My hair is ethnic curly, not really blond yet not really brown. A real mess, or so I thought, as I was becoming a teenager. 

I set out to hack the heck out of my hair and find ways to make my hair look like the models I saw in magazines. I mastered it by the age of 16!

I figured, if I could do everything with my horrid hair, imagine what I could do for others with rather decent hair? 

By age 16, I had my apprentice license and at age 18 I had a full book of clients and was making money while all my friends went off to college to become poor, parent dependent adults! 

Fast forward to a very different hair issue in life that only just recently occurred for all of us… Covid put a damper on hair beauty. Salons were closed for a long while, roots were the new look (not a good one), and so I did a tutorial to help my family and friends learn how to Color Your Own Hair at home during times of need.

So… If you have a specific issue you would like addressed about your hair, by all means, send me an email and I will chat with you personally. 

Hairpiece Tips and Hacks.
Hairpiece Tips and Hacks

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In my family, I’ve always been known as the ‘Muffin Queen’. Out of necessity, I created muffins for breakfast, lunch, on the go snacks, sometimes dinner and a sweet yet healthyish treat for dessert!

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