52 Creative Muffins In The Best Muffin Cookbook (with video)

For sweet, savory, health conscience, or holiday muffins, you’ll find 52 Creative Muffins In The Best Muffin Cookbook right here

My Muffin Madness Cookbook Creations
My Muffin Madness Cookbook Creations

This collection, of muffins, individually created by a mom and grandma, is unlike any you’ve ever seen, more than you’ll ever need, and some you didn’t know you needed!

Who Needs Muffin Cookbooks?

We all need easy and reliable muffin recipes, My Muffin Madness cookbook, in both paperback and Kindle, was created for my big foodie family.

Now it can be enjoyed by yours!

Healthy Meals At Your Desk And On The Go

Why Should We Have A Reliable Muffin Repertoire?

Muffins are a versatile, delicious and easy way to incorporate healthy ingredients into a busy lifestyle.  

Whether you’re making a special treat or just looking for a quick morning snack, this collection of 52 muffins has something for everyone. 

My Muffin Madness Cookbook

Sweet Or Savory Muffins

From sweet and savory breakfast treats to decadent desserts, a well-executed recipe that even the kids can help make, will fast find a family favorite muffin for those you cook for. 

With the right ingredients, baking tools, and a bit of skill, this little book can help you make easy recipes with many ingredients you might already have.

So let’s get started!

My Muffin Madness Cookbook
My Muffin Madness Cookbook

What You Will Need For Making Muffins

There are a few basic tools, besides an oven, that you will need, so why not gather them now. You will have them for a very long time.

Let’s start with a Muffin Pan, of which you do have a few options:

  • A basic 12-cup metal muffin pan is what I’ve been making muffins with for years. This pan is versatile for both muffins and cupcakes, however, it does need either a non-stick spray, brush of oil or butter, or muffin baking liners so the muffins don’t stick.
  • Perhaps a 6-cup Jumbo metal muffin pan is what you would be interested in. I find this pan is great from the savory muffins in my cookbook because the muffin then becomes a meal! This pan will also need jumbo baking liners.
  • Relatively new (as least to me), is the 12 cup Silicone muffin pan, which usually doesn’t need non-stick or liners, however, since they are silicone and not firm they do need a sheet pan under them. Also available in the 6 cup Jumbo silicone pan too.
  • For those who always eat just the muffin tops and leave the bottom, wouldn’t you know it, you can buy a Muffin Top Pan, in either metal, or silicone!
  • How about turning your muffin recipe into a donut! Yep, there is a really cool Silicone Donut pan that bakes your muffins into a donut shape. I would suggest the silicone version over the metal, since they are easy to pop out the finished bake, taking care to put a baking sheet pan under them.
  • I’m sure we all having a mixing bowl to mix the muffin batter, however I must share with you my all time favorite 2-Quart glass mixing bowl with a lid. This mixing bowl is the perfect size for all of my muffin batter recipes. You can mix the batter, put the lid on and set it aside until you are ready to bake them. Also, it’s easy to pour the batter right into the prepared baking pan since it also has a spout.
  • An electric mixer makes the prep work go fast. Perhaps you have a stand mixer, or will choose to use a food processor, however, nine times out of ten, I will grab my hand held mixer and get the job done fast. This 6-Speed hand held, for about twenty bucks is great to have, and clean up is easy.
  • Measuring cups and spoons came together in this set for under twenty bucks.
  • One last tool that will come with a bit of a price tag, if you don’t have one already, is the Food Processor that will grind all your grains and nuts to a flour, or rough chop large quantities of dried fruits, veggies or other ingredients. If I could have only one tool in my kitchen, this would be it. I’ve had mine for over 10-years and I use it everyday.

The Writing Of A Cookbook

While Muffin Madness is the second cookbook I’ve written, The World On My Plate, being my first, when writing a cookbook my kitchen becomes every page in the book!

Each day, and well into each night, my mind is filled with visualizing each and every photo, word and delicious recipe.

Poor hubby was eating muffins for 90 days and confirmed that each one quickly became his favorite.

Now, I’ve had the immense honor to be asked to talk publicly about the writing of this book, and a few others I have written. Life Is FUN!

Local Author Panel: The Writer's Journey
Local Author Panel: The Writer’s Journey

Complex Techniques To Easy Quick Breads

From the traditional American blueberry muffins to the savory spanakopita muffin, I’ve included recipes from around the globe.

A few selections have a special technique, such as:  

  • Baklava Muffins, which have a walnut and honey muffin baked inside of a phyllo lined muffin tin
  • Spring Nest muffin, with a chocolate egg tucked inside of a muffin, that is baked inside of wheat biscuit nest
  • Pizza Muffin, with a few simple tips for making everything you love about pizza, in your muffin
Baklava Muffin
Baklava Muffin
Spring Nest Muffins
Spring Nest Muffins
Pizza Muffins
Pizza Muffins

Trick Recipes

Do you find yourself making the same ole blueberry muffin recipes? 

Then let’s break you out of your same ole, same ole and get you to try my Blueberry Smoothie Muffin recipe!

All the wet ingredients you’d use in a smoothie, except we toss in a few eggs and some dry ingredients and you’ve got a baked smoothie to-go!

Blueberry Smoothie Bowl Muffins
Blueberry Smoothie Bowl Muffins


How about the endless boxes of leftover rice we often collect in our fridge, from a carryout meal or two?

I’ve got a fabulous Cheesy Leftover Rice muffin recipe that could actually be the answer for the kids lunches!

Or how about that heap of leftover mashed potatoes you’ve got?

I’ve got a muffin recipe for those too!

Cheesy Leftover Rice Muffins
Cheesy Leftover Rice Muffins

Coffee Cakes

Are you a coffee cake with your afternoon tea kind of person, but don’t want cake calories? 

A few delicious options would be a Lemon and Honey muffin, with lemon and honey as the dominant flavor ingredients. 

Maybe you would enjoy a beautiful pastel colored muffin, actually made from Butterfly Pea Flower Tea!

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Muffin
Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Muffin

Let’s Make A Home Cook Skillful Baker Out Of YOU!

 Every recipe has simple step-by-step instructions that make baking easy for a novice baker or little helpers, unless specified to have a few tricky techniques. 

Don’t you just love a cookbook that is full of illustrations, so you know what your delicious bread is supposed to look like?

No worries, this cookbook will have you whipping up a delectable batch of muffins in no time, from classic, timeless favorites to unique and flavorful newly created muffins. 

Old Classic Delicious Recipes

Add a twist to those overripe bananas, and swap your banana muffin recipe for the banana muffins I was inspired to create while living in Brazil. 

With the endless variety of bananas growing there, can you believe no one I met had ever heard of banana bread? 

Endless Overripe Bananas In Brazil!
Endless Overripe Bananas In Brazil!

Best Muffin For A Hint Of Autumn

You say you love a muffin recipe that uses maple syrup, for those flavors we love in the autumn?

I’m sure you will love my Maple Pancakes with Sausage Muffin, yep, muffin!

Or perhaps a Ginger and Molasses muffin?

Maple Pancake and Sausage Muffins
Maple Pancake and Sausage Muffins

The Benefits Of Making Muffins From Scratch

Can we ever stress the importance of the value of superior-quality ingredients enough? 

Making muffins from scratch can provide numerous benefits for implementing quality ingredients into our baking. 

Quality Ingredients Go Into Homemade Muffins
Quality Ingredients Go Into Homemade Muffins

Quality Ingredients And Handmade Bread

Baking muffins from scratch also allows for healthier ingredients to be used, such as whole wheat flour, natural unrefined sugars, and healthier vegetable oil options. 

Furthermore, baking your own muffins means you can control added sugar or the types of flour you prefer to use. 

Flour Mixture Is Important To Me

I often prefer to grind nuts in a food processor and use the nut flour in my baking. 

The same goes for oat flour, simply by grinding the oat flakes, for a fraction of the cost of store-bought oat flour

Grind Your Own Oat Flour With A Food Processor Or Blender
Grind Your Own Oat Flour With A Food Processor Or Blender

These 52 Muffins Will Become Your Best Friend

In the intro to my muffin cookbook, I dedicated this cookbook to my four children, because they are the reason this cookbook came to be. 

You will see that I called muffins ‘my best friend’ in times of need, back when I was a single mom of four children. 

Being both mom and dad to a young family meant I was both the breadwinner and the bread maker. 

Now My Grandchildren Love Muffin Madness!
Now My Grandchildren Love Muffin Madness!

Creative Muffin Recipes

I began, all those years ago, to find ways to hide lots of healthy ingredients into the muffins my kids ate. 

Creating Spanakopita muffins, was how my kids came to love spinach. 

Hiding healthy ingredients in my Eggs-N-Stuff muffins was always a hit. 

It was amazing the veggies I hid in those!

Spanakopita Muffins
Spanakopita Muffins

Healthy Diet Muffins

Out of all 52 muffins I’ve created for you, I couldn’t resist exposing you to a health concept of eating for your blood type

Through the scientific techniques of doctors, back in the 70’s, this diet was created.  

I adopted it several years ago, specifically for internal health. 

While it’s not easy for everyone, specific ingredients required, even down to spices and herbs, I have found great success in it for myself. 

A-Blood Type Muffins
A-Blood Type Muffins

Individually Created Blood Type Muffins

Having provided at least one muffin recipe that is completely created for each blood type, I’m certain you will love them even if you don’t follow this diet:

  • A-blood type, which follows the closest to a vegetarian diet, with selective grains, known as the – Agrarian – I created this muffin using everything suggested and nothing that is asked to avoid – Apricots, Flaxseed flour, Sprouted wheat, Fennel seed, Goat milk and is filled in the center with an Apricot jam.
  • B-blood type, which is described as the Balancer – suggesting some meats, some seafood, most dairy and select grains. For this muffin I created it with Salmon and Salmon caviar, Spelt flour, Jalapeno, Eggs, lots of Lemon and Olive oil.
  • AB-blood type, is said to be the Enigma, the newest of the blood types, with a blend of both the A-type and the B-type. For this muffin I used Sweet Potatoes, Millet and Rice flour, Walnuts and Walnut oil, Yogurt, select Spices, and Egg Whites.
  • O-blood type, known as the Carnivore and the oldest blood type, bringing lots of meat and almost no grain into the diet. For this muffin I made it with Bison or Venison, Goat cheese, Beet greens and is truly a savory meal in itself.
O-Blood Type Muffin
O-Blood Type Muffin

Has My Muffin Madness Cookbook Of 52 Muffins Become a Best Seller?

Having just released this published cookbook in 2022, it has sold more copies than most ‘unknown’ chefs with a newly released cookbook. 

Having had some exposure (like eleven times), on television, cooking on a variety of cooking shows with PBS and Food Network, has helped folks to get to know me. 

PBS Chef On The Great American Recipe Releases Her Second Cookbook
PBS Chef On The Great American Recipe Releases Her Second Cookbook

However, at this stage in my life, both a mother of four and now a grandmother of three, my primary focus is to get this cookbook into the busy homes of families that could use a ‘best friend‘ in their kitchen. 

If that makes it rise to a ‘big series’ then it’s only because you need my little helper in your kitchen too! 

Dedicated To My Kids!
Dedicated To My Kids!

Teach Kids To Cook

Now that I’m a grandmother of three great kids, I realize even more than when mine were kids, the importance of kids cooking.

Most busy homes have working parents, or parent, and there is often little time for home cooking.

When busy families don’t have time to cook at home, often the food bill doubles out of necessity for convenience foods.

Teach the kids to make any repertoire of muffins from my easy cookbook.

With a collection of recipes ranging from breakfast to dinner ingredients, I’d go out on a limb and say the family could exist solely on these muffins!

So get the book, gather some ingredients from a few muffin recipes, get a grandparent, aunt, uncle or good friend, to make this a summertime project.

The busy school year will be less hectic and expensive, if you invest in this teachable time now!

Teach Kids To Cook!
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