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DON’T put those popsicle makers away yet! Cold, Flu and Allergy season is here, which makes this the perfect time of year to make something icy cold to relieve a dry, scratchy, sore throat. I created this recipe because my own throat was feeling miserable. I can’t express how comforting […]


Do you have a cold already? The flu? REALLY! We haven’t even put our flip flops away yet!! I have one word for you: HYDRATE. I have lots of words for that cold. We each have our little remedies and potions to deal with cold and flu season, but the most […]


Homemade Yogurt. Have you ever made it? Since I was a little girl we made yogurt at home, no fancy pots, or kits. A simple, old-fashioned, tried and true procedure that made beautifully thick yogurt ever time, until about 10 years ago. The trick to making yogurt is to have […]