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A simple pie crust can be made with a fork or a food processor, and there is nothing better than homemade pie crusts! They are really not much different that making cookies. Here is one of my go-to crusts that I simply change the spice flavor depending on what is […]


The smell of the holidays starts right here in the kitchen! Oranges, cinnamon, and rum. Can’t you just taste the love! When family is home for the holidays, or I am simply all by myself, I love the smell of bread warming in the oven for breakfast. This spiced date […]


Whole fish. While your fishmonger may lure your eyes to buy that big beautiful fish, the preparation may feel intimidating. Here is a perfect solution for buying that fish, and enjoying an easy, and impressive dinner. First? Ask your fishmonger to scale, and filet the fish, saving the head and […]


Chermoula is to North African cooking, what salsa verde is to Italian, and Spanish, and Chimichurri is to the Argentines. An uncooked sauce. Fast to assemble, and loaded with flavor. These sauces are used on fish as well and poultry, and grilled meats. Since the sauce is not cooked, and […]


Nothing says, ‘Cozy Fireside’ quite like a Hot Toddy! Make mine Apple Cider please!! Ingredients Per Person          Apple Cider – 8 oz. per person          Cinnamon Stick          Cardamom – a few pods          Cloves – a few cloves          Rum – 1 shot per person          Apple – […]


Having a summer garden, a winter greenhouse, or simply a few pots of herbs in our window adds an extra measure of flavor to all we cook. But, if you don’t have the space, or the “thumb,” to grow your own, then simply buy fresh herbs when they are available […]


  Spices are often the ingredient that gives everyday food items a distinct character. For instance, when we think of pumpkin pie, we think of a flavor very distinct to the pumpkin pie, a flavor we have come to know and love. But the flavor is not pumpkin at all. […]


HOT… SWEET… CHOCOLATE!  What more is there to say, other than YUM!  This chocolate cake/cup-cake recipe is my all time favorite. It is moist, rich in flavor, and with the right amount of heat to be memorable. The addition of coffee adds a moistness from the oils in coffee while […]