Tag: Colorful Food


Roasted beets. Creamy herbed goat cheese. Pink Himalayan salt. One bite delights. How does THIS sound! This beautifully impressive tapas dish is worth the little extra fuss to set them in front of your most discriminating guests. With two easy steps to prepare this dish, assembling goes rather quick and […]


Strawberry season is finally here and I will indulge, once again, in a favorite salad that marries the beautiful sweet and savory flavors on one plate! Can you believe I planned for this way back in February, when I planted some lettuce seeds in a few indoor pots? AND THEY […]


MARYLAND is a crab state. And while crabs can be enjoyed fresh out of the Chesapeake Bay for several months throughout the summer, the tedious work of picking crabs, (which can only be done by hand) is fast becoming a fading job market to fill. No one wants to do […]


  I am a bit of a health nut, but I also have a large family that likes everyday food to look and taste like gourmet food. My approach to food is likened to that of a runway model: I want it to be the center of attention, and certainly […]


There is something inspiring about a mound of citrus, in the dead of winter. While winter has its own charm, I can’t help but to long for the refreshing smells and colors of spring and summer; and so, while at the market, the other day in the dead of winter, […]