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I can’t think of a better way to awaken spring, than with Strawberries! These non-dairy, coconut custard tarts, layered with strawberries are just the right portion of a sweet treat to get your imagination spiraling for all the other things we love in spring time. Mason jar lids are the […]


It’s a Blue Moon. No, it’s a Blood Moon. In fact, it’s a Super Moon! This event that has not appeared to us in 152 years needs a cocktail dedicated to its splendor. Blue Moon Cocktail came to me in a dream. Crazy I know, but the fierce energy being […]

Chicken in Peanut Sauce

Have you ever had Boiled Peanuts? I never had. Apparently, it’s a very southern thing. And so, a friend of mine from, Southern with a Twist, sent me a lovely package of boiled peanuts. They were so darn delicious that I don’t think I will ever enjoy roasted peanuts the same […]


Brazil is as diverse a culinary country as America. From Italian, German, and Portuguese culinary influence, to Spanish and African. A few of the states in Brazil, Bahia and Pernambuco in particular, have the largest African culinary influence in the world, outside of Africa itself. The flavors are rich in […]


The onset of summer stimulates the taste buds for lots of frozen desserts! A beautiful spring morning in a field of strawberries, a cool mist settled over the leaves, and reminded me of the crystals that form over the top of a frozen summer dessert. I knew exactly what dessert […]


The most delicate and delicious seafood to enjoy throughout the winter months are OYSTERS! No matter how you eat them, they are always a crowd pleaser. One evening while heading home too late to have had time to prep dinner, I made one quick stop and bought some Oysters. By […]


How would you feel about having a dessert that is loaded with healthy ingredients? Vegan Green Tea Cheese Cake is just the dessert to satisfy! It’s loaded with nuts and fruit, spices and flavor. Once assembled, it keeps beautifully in the freezer, and takes only minutes to soften enough to […]


  Every afternoon throughout the lazy days of summer, I find myself looking for a little Caffeine Kiss to finish out my workday. And so, I created a little something to “Kiss the Spot”!  A perfectly brewed cup of coffee, nutrient rich raw cacao, something to sweeten the pot, and […]