Black and White Bean Soup Recipes

Black and White Bean Soup is a white bean with chicken or earthy black bean with chili recipes; 2 soups as different as black and white yet both fast to make.

game day good eats - Yin or Yang choices
Game Day Good Eats – White Bean Black Bean Soup

Make 2 fast, yet different soups for game-day season; a great way to root for both sides!

Black or White Bean Soup Recipes

Having a few friends over for game day? Doesn’t matter if it’s football, tennis or the Olympics; we all have a favorites we want to win. 

Often, I find the same thing happens when choosing good eats for a gathering; not everyone likes to eat the same way, anymore. 

I decided there would be enough competition going on, on the television, why have the food become a competition too!

So, with a quick soup base, I made white bean and black bean soup, something for everyone.

And if a black or white soup wasn’t fun enough to pick sides, I made a Black Olive Bread everyone would love!

Game Day Black and White Good Eats

Sure, there’ll be plenty of dips, chips and veggie sticks, sure there’ll be plenty of beer and wine.

But, I wanted to make sure there would also be something substantial, hearty and healthy to eat too. 

I decided Yin and Yang was going to be my approach to some hearty good eats. Spicy hot black bean soup – Yang, and a delicate flavored white bean and chicken soup – Yin. 

A big ole loaf of Black Olive homemade bread was the perfect bread to tie the two together. The bread is made earlier in the week, before the game day gathering. 

black olive bread
Black Olive Bread

Homemade bone broth is always tucked away in my freezer, so these two contrasting soups come together quickly and can sit on the stove until ready to serve, or have folks serve themselves.

Black Bean Soup

Black Bean Soup for my Yang soup is loaded with flavor. The earthy flavor of Black Rice and Black Beans with hot chilies and smoked salt, make this a perfect hot dish for a crisp night!

While you can use dried chili flakes in this soup for a little heat, freshly chopped chilies add not only a bit of heat but a fresh tang you don’t get from dried.

As of late, I often have an abundance of chilies in my freezer from my summer gardens.

I love the extra dimension they give to many yin foods, and I’ve also started smoking and drying my own Paprika from them.

spicy black bean soup
Spicy Black Bean Soup

White Bean Soup

With some leftover chicken or a store bought rotisserie chicken, this White Bean and Chicken Soup comes together fast. 

White beans have a delicate flavor and soft texture and lend themselves to poultry or simply a heap of vegetables in a luscious soup broth. 

white bean and chicken soup
White Bean and Chicken Soup

What You Will Need To Make Black and White Bean Soup

You will simply need the recipes for both of these Black or White Soups, and some crusty bread, or make my Olive bread.

Both soup recipes are created to serve between two and four people, so simply double up the recipes as your gathering calls for!

Black and White Bean Soup with Olive Bread
Black and White Bean Soup with Olive Bread

Black And White Dessert?

Well… how about brown and beige! My favorite cookie combo is a square, checkerboard woven dough with both coffee flavor and chocolate baked into the two colors.

I’d say the perfect dessert for a black and white bean soup meal would be these Chocolate and Coffee Cookies!

Coffee And Chocolate Square Cookies
Coffee And Chocolate Square Cookies
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