February Heart Tree

December has its tree, so why not a February Heart Tree to fill the home with remembrances of all that we love and treasure!

February Heart Tree
February Heart Tree


Christmas season always brings to mind the tree, no matter what your religious orientation is. It makes the home feel festive, special, happy. 

I’ve decided that February, the love month, the heart month, also needs its own tree. A heart tree. 

from Whisk and Dine to you
From Whisk and Dine to YOU!

Trees, in general, denote life, nature, growth and abundance. I don’t profess to know why the Christmas tree was first brought into the home, or decorated in the yard; as Charlie Brown was so determined to do. 

trees we celebrate
Trees We Celebrate

I do know that the house just feels magical, whimsical and happy when I have a tree with lights and whatever else on it. 

So… I went out into my yard to look for a dead branch I could use to create a little February magic in my home. 

Heart Tree

I chose a tall dead branch that had a base circumference no wider than the hole for an umbrella in a small bistro size table. The kind I would ordinarily have on my deck in the summer. 

dead branch for a tree
Dead Branch For A Tree

The Christmas tree stand was too wide to hold the branch in place but the table, where an umbrella would go, was perfect. 

The table, that would hold the Heart Tree was also perfect to place February Desserts on. Having a heart tree table in my living room, just invited a variety of ideas to make February treats to look forward to at the end of the day. 

branch in a bistro table
Branch In A Bistro Table

Preparing The February Heart Tree

Once I chose a tall branch that would fit into the hole on my table, I needed to paint the branch and give it the appearance of life. 

spray paint the branches
Spray Paint The Branch

A can of spray paint, over a piece of cardboard, outside in my yard turned a dead looking branch into what looked ‘snow covered’!

I sprayed a quick first coat. Gave it about 30-minutes to dry, then went back and gave a second, a more detailed coat of paint. 

Wearing gloves is a must since the nozzle on the spray paint does leak paint onto the fingers. Not so easy to wash off.

Hearts For The Heart Tree

This was going to be the fun part, so do get creative with this part. A perfect project for kids or the kid in you. 

For about fifteen bucks on Amazon, I bought a bundle of 60 hearts, in unfinished wood with a hole to string and hang. 

wooden hearts painted red
Wooden Hearts Painted Red

I chose to paint them red but here is where you could really get creative and paint them any way you want. 

Simply lay the hearts out on cardboard on a garage floor, or out in the yard and spray gently across all of the hearts.

Leave them to dry for a few hours, then turn them over and spray the other side. 

Heart Tree Dessert Party

Finally with the table in place, tree lights and hearts in place, I looked into the room that evening and realized how much I love a focal point of lights in my home. It feels like an occasion to have a party. 

Rather than do a dinner party, I decided to make a bunch of desserts, invite some friends over and indulge in the sweets we so graciously allow ourselves in February! Happy February to all!

February home parties
February Home Parties

Just a few Yummy treats I like to make for February!

Strawberry Tarts

strawberry tarts
Strawberry Tarts

Almond Crusted Chocolate Pie

almond crusted chocolate pie
Almond Crusted Chocolate Pie

Coffee and Chocolate Square Cookies

coffee and chocolate square cookies
Coffee and Chocolate Square Cookies

Custard Filled Raspberry Tarts

custard filled raspberry tarts
Custard Filled Raspberry Tarts
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